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theclaw's Blog - my doings Posted 4 years ago

hi guys just info for the gallery.

firstly i have an archive folder in my gallery, it is here i post archive materials from the early times of vore between 1995 and 2005, most of the writers and artists from this time are long gone and there sites closed. as such because of my massive archive i have taken it upon myself to make the works available to others, as most are either gone for good or locked on sites lost in the wayback machine and other archives. hence it is more easy for everyone if i post them in the archive folder for ease of access. alot of these story's will be f/f and animals/f mainly snake/f as that was what i was into then and to an extent still are.

i am also adding stuff from nuked gallerys from more resent times just to increase the amount of...
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Posted by envoyofchaos9 6 months ago Report

how can we see the pics? there not showing up


Posted by Wazki 6 months ago Report

Hey whatever happened to the archive?


Posted by illuminatitriforce 8 months ago Report

what happened to the archive?


Posted by QSManipu 9 months ago Report

Heh? What happened to the Archive? Aw men, i want to see it, guess its gone.


Posted by z3d 10 months ago Report

site says I don't have access to your stories, any idea why?

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Posted by TheGuy99 11 months ago Report

hey man, why suddently we cant access to the content you have posted of the early vorish stories?


Posted by Granddragalia 1 year ago Report



Posted by kylelot 2 years ago Report

Yo claw, check it out I think someone found part 11 of room 216 by pd here’s the link on Reddit:


Posted by kokeman 3 years ago Report

Excuse me, bit do you have a story originally written by Ragnarahk which was about a tiny demon bullied by a group of girls? (Just asking because I saw you reposted other of his stories)


Posted by RyouBoy 3 years ago Report

any chance you'd post ichbinich's old work?


Posted by bodybag 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To theclaw

God I dont even know , all the info I have of it is Dragga uploaded it then took it down.

And It involved Sophie Being prey which is something I dont think ive ever seen . Maybe he was asked to take it down I dont know


Posted by bodybag 3 years ago Report

Do you have that one where Dragga Ate Sophie the dragon?

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