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Tigress-Shifu (UB) By Strega -- Report

Uploaded: 12 years ago

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Stupid sexy Tigress figurine, making me draw stuff like this. 83

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Posted by Jahan 12 years ago Report

Ah, I *do* find wombs that do that so very, very interesting. =)

So nice and sticky looking, too! At least, once he starts melting, anyways. >=)


Posted by maleperduis 12 years ago Report

Wow, great sequence! Thanks Strega, and thanks mysterious referenced figurine!


Posted by Leika 12 years ago Report

Oh, wow. I have no idea who the characters are, but I don't care. That's just incredible. o.o


Posted by Strega 12 years ago Report

Master Tigress and Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda. Needless to say, nothing like this happens in the movie. 83


Posted by Noctivagus 12 years ago Report

Wow, that's amazing.


Posted by TristanHawthorne 12 years ago Report

The idea of a Vag going "Ptooo" is both disturbing and hilarious.


Posted by YoshiDragon336 12 years ago Report

... A hair ball wow that's weird


Posted by Slash 12 years ago Report

Heh heh, Your hooked now aren't ya.^^


Posted by TaciturnTiger 12 years ago Report

Mreow. <3 I think I need to sneak into your house ans steal that figurine, Strega, if it's inspiring you to make plenty of tigress vore pics. I could use such a muse myself.

Overall, tigress vore is sexy, and I personally wouldn't mind if you kept it coming.


Posted by BlackRose 12 years ago Report

This never happened in the movie!! Nice work mate, love the digestion in the womb ;3


Posted by Sarus 12 years ago Report

A digestive womb, we should see more of that. Awesome pic! Thank you :)


Posted by Imrhys 12 years ago Report

True womb Vore, love it and the pleasure it is so obviously giving Master Tigress is priceless :3


Posted by kernac 12 years ago Report

Thats some pretty neat stuff.


Posted by WolfFort 12 years ago Report



Posted by Kiala_Tiagra 12 years ago Report

this is has been very interesting. I wouldn;t mind seeing this tigress face to face X3

The Requester

Posted by The Requester 12 years ago Report

u should do an AV with her and crane.


Posted by 789789y7bestloverinworld 12 years ago Report



Posted by Strega 12 years ago Report

Pubic hairball. 83


Posted by whitetip 12 years ago Report

Very awesome pic


Posted by rocklee908765 12 years ago Report

why was he in there in the first place?


Posted by Strega 12 years ago Report

From his comments it's obvious that it was consensual, and since he was jacking off before he realized he wasn't getting back out it must have just been a weird sex thing. 83


Posted by golfer_ninja 12 years ago Report

huh... We should find you more sexy figurines if you're going to draw stuff like this! X3


Posted by carscarscars91 9 years ago Report

can i get sucked in tigress vagina


Posted by voremonster21 9 years ago Report

i want to get unbirth next please


Posted by Underside 2 years ago Report

This is one of the first pictures that got me into vore.


Posted by Strega 2 years ago Report

The things that got me into vore were old cartoons with vore in them, and old shows too. Because I'm old. 83 There's a great bit in a Three Stooges short (live action) where they are eaten just off screen by lions and one of the lions burps afterward.