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Rita, Jungle Ogre.[Commission] By Nitro_Titan -- Report

Uploaded: 7 years ago

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A commission for Ndnode of his Ogre/Troll character Rita.

Here she's swallowed 2 adventurers after an unsuccessful encounter.

Rita belongs to ndnode

I did enjoy doing the background to this piece. was a bit fun doing those large leaves. Grass is a pain like usual.

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Posted by Fabhar 7 years ago Report

:D Wonderful! I always love your art, Nitro.


Posted by Neznamy 7 years ago Report

She looks great in your style man. Good stuff!


Posted by TheWickedKing 7 years ago Report

This is what'll happen if Skyrim does away with level scaling. XD

Great work!


Posted by Kiyoa 7 years ago Report

Haha, man, you rock so hard.


Posted by Gloom 7 years ago Report

Yum! Sexy sexy troll lady! Sweet solid job here~


Posted by Slimeman64 7 years ago Report

The party was devoured. GAME OVER

Nice job!


Posted by Imrhys 7 years ago Report

Ohhh I love the background art for this. Exceptional work. I just wish our losing adventurers were a bit more 'realistically' tightly pressed together. :P~


Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

Nice to see her in your style. She looks quite nice.


Posted by four_fleets 7 years ago Report

I don't know why, but I thought of Minecraft when I saw this. Green thing that trolls players, and items scattered ALL over the place. Yep. Sounds like someone encountered a Creeper.


Posted by Zoekin 7 years ago Report

Really breath-taking work.


Posted by Liz 7 years ago Report

Oooh Safari girls vs a big hunger predator.

Two cute girls became dinner ><


Posted by V 7 years ago Report

Grass might be a pain, but you rendered it really well ;)


Posted by Aces 7 years ago Report

Baw, why can't I be rich? I want to buy a commission for my chubby pink naga. Kira. :C


Posted by Scion 7 years ago Report

I haven't seen your art in ages, you really stepped your game up from last I saw. I wonder how the job market is for artists.


Posted by CGR-7 7 years ago Report



Posted by racer_xtreme 7 years ago Report

I love the coloring you have been using lately Nitro! Very luminous!


Posted by kidclef 7 years ago Report

This is an awesome rendition of one my favorite of Ndnode's characters. Nice job, man!


Posted by MeanMotorScooter 7 years ago Report

Big sexy belly. Those adventurers got more than they bargained for.

Beautiful work on the background too, lush and colorful!


Posted by Topazert 7 years ago Report

pah, what were they thinking? Going up against an ogress with cheap weapons and no armor. Well thats a couple less idiots gone. Also you did a wonderful job with this art.


Posted by bbstuff 7 years ago Report

how on earth does nitro_titan make such wonderful art!?!? oh. must be an alien


Posted by bbstuff 7 years ago Report

i think the most amazing thing about this is the sheen on everything, especially the hair! its amazing everywhere you look


Posted by Darqfang 5 years ago Report

Ooh, I'd offer myself as a meal if I got the chance to bone her.


Posted by PlatypusUltra 2 years ago Report

Your drawing style, your way of coloring. Thats what I want to be able to do. You really inspire me! Great work