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After reading a couple similarly themed stories and enjoying them very much I felt compelled to seek out more and maybe write one from my own experiences.

One was Sleepover dare and the other was 7 minutes in heaven. Fun little lighthearted games played to explore sexual boundaries.

When I was in my later years in high school we had cast parties after plays. They would inevitably be held at one of the cast member's house. One year though we had a cast member who lived at a funeral home that was still in business. So we had quite a few parties among the fake flowers, Urns, hearses and coffins that you see in a place like that. It dawns on me now how appropriate this setting is for a vore story.

We played a certain "game" at our parties on occasion. It was called "Are you nervous?" Much like spin the bottle two people get paired and one gropes the other in progressively naughtier places while asking if they are nervous at every iteration until one or the two "chickens out" and is too embarrassed to go on.

I've based this on one time the game was played which I think helps the writing come out better, but names have been changed for anonymity, and the vore obviously didn't happen either.

The full thumbnail picture can be found in my thread in the photomanip section.

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Posted by Justsomeone 7 years ago Report

Awesome, finally got your own gallery. I hope to see many more stories from you! This one, like I already said, is fantastic.


Posted by ShadesofBlack 7 years ago Report

I don't care much for scat, and I usually don't care much for fatal, especially with the dominating attitude that Gabby had on this one. Also, I got the impression that this game is girl preds only? However, I still enjoyed this story and your writing!

"Fun little lighthearted games played to explore sexual boundaries." I love these. I'm utterly fascinated by them, especially in stories like this, where the game goes farther than intended. Perhaps the reason for that is because I never played any of these myself growing up or in college, and wish I had. Truth or dare is one of my favorite, conceptually. I hadn't even heard of this one!


Posted by Altimos 7 years ago Report

I believe this branches off from such games as spin the bottle, or seven minutes in heaven. Spinning the bottle, and whoever it lands on, you either kiss them or spend 7 minutes in heaven in an enclosed place, typically somebodies closet. You're not alone though, though I love these type of situations, I too have not played any of these games... was doing more important things...


Posted by ryanshowseason3 7 years ago Report

It was definitely an uncommon one, I don't think I've heard of anyone else playing this variation, it might be a regional thing. But yeah I'm a F/Anything kind of person. M/Anything doesn't really do anything for me so I tend to ignore the possibility or write it out of the setting entirely.


Posted by donutbrittle 7 years ago Report

This is just the sort of thing I love. Bravo!


Posted by Altimos 7 years ago Report

Nice... a great scenario indeed...


Posted by jun1337 7 years ago Report

Nice work. I particularly like how the agitation from sex helps break up the bodies of the people being digested, that's a nice detail.


Posted by ryanshowseason3 7 years ago Report

I find it the best way to make a character have a shameboner, by contributing to the death of a loved one through their own satisfaction.


Posted by Soulary 7 years ago Report

Amazing work ^u^


Posted by LordVIP3R 7 years ago Report

Lord Viper approves of this story.


Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

I like the game, but I am not sure about the rules.


Posted by VelveteenDreams 7 years ago Report

Eh, I'm not particularly fond of this one. It's very interesting but I just don't like the idea of it.


Posted by Ozzymandias 7 years ago Report

Wish you'd've elaborated on the breast vore, but still this is top 3 material easily.


Posted by ryanshowseason3 7 years ago Report

Wow thanks!


Posted by thevoremorpher07 7 years ago Report

nice story! I was wondering if you have the pic in the thumbnail? If so could you pm it to me thanks!


Posted by ryanshowseason3 7 years ago Report

Most of my photomorphs are on my thread in the photo edit section.


Posted by doomed 1 year ago Report

i love coming back to this story. especially due to the fact it starts with a first person view. that being said , every time i read it , i just feel bad at the end. because that guy got cheated , like she did things in a manor designed to force him to lose .
hehehe so in my book she cheated


Posted by Rat_Guy 7 months ago Report

Can you give more details about the real event that this story was based on? If you're comfortable sharing, of course.


Posted by ryanshowseason3 6 months ago Report

I may have lied a bit about it being one experience and this was based on multiple cast parties I remember, though there is one I'll just omit. Much like the description at cast parties we used to play an "Are you nervous" game where you'd steadily grope the other person in increasingly private areas until one or the other "chickened out"

I remember vividly witnessing one such instance where two VERY bold individuals refused to chicken out on each other and made the people watching more nervous than they were playing it. It basically got to third base and was going towards nudity and home plate before the "groper" actually stopped just shy of openly fucking the "gropee" who was female and EXTREMELY willing to go further. It was nuts, she definitely wanted to be violated in very kinky ways. It served a lot of inspiration here.

Another incident was actually personal. We also ended up playing 7 minutes in heaven on occasions. I ended up in the closet with a rather thick girl who no one else seemed to appreciate her curves. First time getting to third base actually. Then when there weren't enough closets for everyone to play that wanted to we started using the display coffins since it was a funeral home. Which is just beyond kinky and all the way into debauched in retrospect. They were displays so they never actually got used I'm pretty sure but still...

The last one I'll mention involved other cast parties where the female lead and myself got into a spat or two, and she challenged me to wrestle her. After the first couple times with no clear winner there was an... eventful match. She didn't win per-say but the fact that she was a girl and pinning me under her well crotch and I sort of let both of us enjoy that position a few minutes while she rocked back and forth well... She definitely won the battle for dominance sexual and mental even if I did throw her off eventually. And for the next year or so I was something of a submissive pet for her, though not a romantic boyfriend, just an unofficial toy. Going as far as being tied up and feminized, another girl got wind of this and opted to be my partner for a project and also tied me up for her own enjoyment(Another inspiration). Wild teenage years looking back on it now.


Posted by Rat_Guy 6 months ago Report

Wow! Your High School life was way better than mine.


Posted by ryanshowseason3 6 months ago Report

Somehow I still managed to come out of it a virgin lol. It seemed uneventful at the time too, all these things were spread out over 4 years after all. I was quite oblivious at the time as well and didn't notice blatant sexual attraction towards me so I missed many opportunities. So while I have a few interesting stories it feels like I still missed out on what could have been just like anyone else I imagine.