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Paper Fortune Teller By ryanshowseason3 -- Report

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Back in my early days classes would basically STOP for valentines day activities. It was mostly a free day to mill about and talk with friends, give them valentines and mostly goof off.

One thing the girls would often do would be make little paper fortune tellers like this.

They'd make little custom ones for boys that they liked and the fortunes would instruct them to do something with the girl, like hug, kiss or tickle them. Once again writing from experience slightly.

Not sure if this deserves a sequel, it was for valentines day. And leaves an unfinished end that could be tied up in another story.

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Posted by USful 6 years ago Report

Nice concept, though I'm not one for scat, it was a nice story to read. I might just start writing short stories...


Posted by ryanshowseason3 6 years ago Report

After making my game I've found I like telling short stories more than being beholden to finishing long epics.


Posted by USful 6 years ago Report

I might go that route, though I probably will either have to try and finish those two stories I started (Novice mistake for doing two large projects at the same time) or leave it be until I am able to get more time/motivation to do it... I might just shift them into short stories and then possibly make a sort of chronology to them.


Posted by Jimjohn101 6 years ago Report

Really great story! You are a very good writer I can't wait to read more.


Posted by Justsomeone 6 years ago Report

I hope more stories from you becomes a regular thing!


Posted by hernextmeal 6 years ago Report

Dunno why, but there's something I just love about casual fatal vore, with the bonus of scat at the end.

Combined with your game and Skyrim mod, you've earned yourself an easy watch!


Posted by sologunfire1 6 years ago Report

great story a sequel wood be kool ^^


Posted by Uni 6 years ago Report

Mmm ~ very good story! I hope to read a sequel with Dani's ending :)


Posted by cjjj 6 years ago Report

Great story, well written. Just a shame we didn't get to see the detention...


Posted by ryanshowseason3 6 years ago Report

I'm still thinking about that continuation.

I didn't want to drag things out. I planned on this being a story that can stand on its own but leaving things open to make another.

The next one when and if that comes would be fully capable of standing on its own too but leave another opening for the next stage.


Posted by rubuio91 6 years ago Report

I was hoping we would see the detention, too.


Posted by anonymous19999 5 years ago Report

i'm not into scat but your preds do the best dirty talk


Posted by ryanshowseason3 5 years ago Report

Haha thanks. I'll endeavor to do some sans scat. There should be some unbirth and femcum only teasing at some point.


Posted by ScaledWall 5 years ago Report

I can't access the image. :(


Posted by ryanshowseason3 5 years ago Report

I investigated. I'm not sure there ever was one... I don't know why Jack's name near the end looks like a link. I'm looking at my original copy of the story and there is no link in it. I went through my manips too and I don't have anything for this story. If there was it'd be in my thread over in my photo manips thread as well.

Sorry about that.


Posted by bfdsjkbjjjj3443 10 months ago Report

What is the rest of Stacy's story?