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[Rayo :: Gunpowder Plot and Treason]: This is my cue to leave
[Lucy_Persephone :: Gunpowder Plot and Treason]: Come here~
[Gabriella_Johnson :: Gunpowder Plot and Treason]: Gabriella_Johnson grabs Rayo
[Rayo :: Gunpowder Plot and Treason]: Let me go Gabby! You interact with Lucy!
[Gabriella_Johnson :: Gunpowder Plot and Treason]: no you can just sit here and be pampered by 2 girls who want to adore you.
[Rayo :: Gunpowder Plot and Treason]: N-n-no! Th

[Rayo -> Chelsea_Lestrille] Brriiiiiiiiinnngggg!! Came the cacophony of shrilling school bells, alerting all of the students on the school grounds that classes would begin in five minutes. It was the third day of classes and some students were still adjusting and getting used to their new classrooms and routes needed to get there on time. One such student was Rayo Turncross. A transfer student from Skycroft High, Rayo was dressed in his usual casual wear--a lightweight black jacket with a fur

Clang. Clang.

The familiar sound of hammer hitting heated steel echoed in the morning air, the stream of ashen steam rising from the chimney. A small assortment of people walked about, preparing for the day as the sun stood above the pined- and maple-leafed trees. It had been a rather warm summer, or rather as warm as one would be in the northern lands of the Reneian Kingdom, and the hard-earned crops now stood wi

roused Eric from his sleep; the sun was already breaking through the
tree line. The forest life began to wake up, buzzing with activity as
the duo broke camp. The sky was fairly clear, save for several clouds
that moped above the ground. A few birds flapped about happily as
they chased one another through the branches of the forest.
better get going,” Eric said, having finished storing his gifted
supplies, “I don’t like being in the same place for long,
especially out here in th

Los Angeles,
California, USA
The city was
overflowing with the lights of life all around. Cars sped to and fro
as the minutes passed by, hurrying from place to place. It was an
average night in the city of angels, people walked up and down the
sidewalks, visiting the latest nightclub or the nearest bar. A
pleasant evening. The clouds were rolling through the sky, blocking
and revealing the moon as they went.
Robert ran for his
He had ventured too
far into the downtown section of Los Ange

woke up with a start, his eyes darting around him as he breathed
heavily from the nightmare that he just had. Quickly, Robert examined
himself, looking at the red-clothed limbs he had always had – his
“watch” glowing a blue color. Upon finding that he was still
alive, he regarded the room in which he had slept. The sun was almost
rising from the eastern window, letting in the light that began to
creep into his furnished room. His room had a white carpet, which was
embroiled with man

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USful's Blog - Hiatus and commissions Posted 6 years ago

Sorry for the lack of chapters in both the Medieval Vore and OpVore series, I'm not in the mood to try and pump those out (though I do have the outlines ready for the next chapters). I will be on a hiatus for a good month and will try and put something together either during or after (depends on how I feel) for those looking forward to the next chapters of either Medieval Vore or OpVore, please know that I will be on the Portal during that time --though at limited times -- and will be willing to reply to any questions, suggestions, and other comments or concerns regarding the stories... as well as any requests that you may have.

I am going to try and stimulate my vore-writing mood by doing some commissions.. As for pricing, I'd like for the potential client and myself to come...
[ Continued ... ]

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