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Sometimes while browsing Eka's and other fetish sites I get some ideas that I would like to see realized in a story or other media. However I can't get myself to actually write something and I'm shit at drawing, so for now I'll just write those ideas down here. In hope that I'll convince myself to try and do something with them, but of course if anyone wants to take inspiration it would be great. Also probably someone already had the same ideas an I just couldn't find their work.

1) Instant cum conversion: a herm pred (having a penis and a vagina) cockvores someone and instantly converts them to femcum, having them gushing out from their pussy as they are CVed. Also works in reverse, unbirthing someone as they are being converted into cum and spurted out from the cock.

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Posted by DragonOFire 1 month ago

Thank you for the fav!

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Posted by maomix 2 months ago

Thanks so much!


Posted by MrPhoton 4 months ago

Thanks for the fav


Posted by Modern45 5 months ago

Thanks for the fave :)


Posted by doinstuff 9 months ago

Thanks for the fave! I'd love to hear what you liked about the stories sometime.


Posted by Arthotus 10 months ago

Thank you for the favorite.


Posted by theclaw 10 months ago

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no i mean from any artist i have nearly 10,000 story's on this hdd so if you are looking for something from the last 12 or so years, that got nuked i can help. its the least i can do for the hassle i probably avoided here. i have some works that fernwalker lacks on his DA and probably some of chewyyys stuff if i had a look,my collection is pretty comprehensive, as back in the day i had to acess this stuff from schol and save it as i didnt have internet. hence i have a shit ton of this stuff sitting round.


Posted by theclaw 10 months ago

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aye i am just really worried about unintentionally angering someone. there are a few weirdos in this community and when it comes to decade old stuff i dont know what kind of can of worms i might accidentally open. again thanks you helped me avoid any unwanted hassle. is there any story in particular your looking for? as i would gladly have a gander in my archive to see if i have it.


Posted by theclaw 10 months ago

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i was unaware. i dont really use deviant art, lots of crap on there. but both stories posted are not on there profiles, so fit the catagory of lost. i will pm them to let them know i found there old story's. until i get a reply i will stick them on hidden.


Posted by Rendezvore 1 year ago

Thanks much for the fav! :3
"Learn the Positions" (Various versions)


Posted by CassyInko 1 year ago

Thanks alot for the watch! ^_^


Posted by Dot 1 year ago

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This is CV condom graveyard by Suibelly
I hope you enjoy <3

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