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Dragon Tease 2 - Enchantress Entree By PrinnyDood

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In this follow-up to Dragon Tease, the titular dragon discovers a trio of beautiful enchantresses living away from civilization. But these young women are well-protected my magic, and tease the dragon relentlessly with their supposedly unreachable deliciousness. Thus the dragon is challenged to maintain polite composure whilst utilizing ingenuity in an attempt to circumvent their various protections . . .

Well! My first upload of the new year! This was originally supposed to be a short 'Vignette' story, but the premise was so fun I ended up expanding the size considerably, to almost as big as the original.

I've actually had this about 95% done for quite some time, but the holidays and various obligations have kept me from finishing it up until now.

Happy (belated) new year everybody!

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Posted by longwayofftiff 10 days ago

That was a fun story, happy new year!


Posted by PrinnyDood 4 days ago

Thanks! Happy new year to you as well!


Posted by longwayofftiff 10 days ago

I love how they taunted and teased an ancient and powerful creature and were devoured for it! Still very mean of that dragon!


Posted by PrinnyDood 4 days ago

Yeah, there does seem to be a certain appeal to this particular theme, doesn't there? They probably could have handled the encounter more diplomatically.


Posted by zobabu 10 days ago

I am very much surprised. So far I've never liked stories featuring preds that lack any humaneness. Something like a naga or neko was never a problem but a real dragon, complete with scales and wings and everything... especially the lack of any true female attributes robbed any interest of mine to read through a story featuring a pred like this. Until now.

I just saw this pop up in my notifications and gave it a read since I had some spare time anyways and what should I say? That was great! I really enjoyed reading through this although that was probably more because of the way the dragon acted. A pred outsmarting its prey, especially with a few cheeky tricks has always been something I really like about vore. The sheer superiority becomes apparent that way. So yeah, I'm probably still no "dragon-fan" but you implemented some really naughty ways of snacking on smug mages there and I liked that :D


Posted by PrinnyDood 4 days ago

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed this one despite it being outside your typical 'strike zone', so to speak.

I totally agree, too. This type of encounter, where there's at least some back-and-forth between pred & prey, are something I very much like, despite the fact I don't write it terribly often.

The reason I don't do more like this, is that it's harder to write, when you gotta come up with the clever tactic the pred uses. xD It's still really fun though, and I kinda wanna do a 'Dragoness Tease' using the Karbo's Giant Dragon-Girl at some point, which I imagine you would enjoy even more. ;P


Posted by Scratch 9 days ago

I liked this plot/story, very clever, kept me reading : )


Posted by PrinnyDood 4 days ago

Thanks! I really enjoyed coming up with the various defense and ensuing workarounds. I was a little worried they come across as to obvious, so I'm happy you don't think so.


Posted by Philosoraptor 9 days ago

Great sequel to the equally excellent Dragon Tease 1 ….. and a teaser for a potential Tease 3! I'm envisioning a kind of "Maidens Only Hogwarts" beset by a bevy of hungry dragons! Thanks for sharing and hope we see more. The third time's a charm!


Posted by PrinnyDood 4 days ago

Thank you!

Yep! I do indeed plan to write a Dragon Tease 3 with a multi-dragon maiden buffet. If you recall, I even teased something like that at the end of the 1st one . . . but eventually discovered a problem: I couldn't come up with any decent way for much teasing to take place, once the dragons get it. Those girls are essentially helpless besides the perimeter shield.

But at a 'Maidens Only Hogwarts' (but with all students being 18+, of course), there's lots more potential for the maidens to impede progress, and take the opportunity for some ill-advised dragon-teasing. Which is, after all, right in the title.


Posted by Philosoraptor 1 day ago

Given the fact that the dragon can get through the defenses unimpeded, and with the information in the note that the now belly fat sorceress was invited to the academy to teach, and the fact that in most cases of dragon anatomy you really can't tell males from females apart from the outside, what if he sneaks inside the academy in the dead of night, gobbles up the headmistress in her chambers, and then as the students assemble in the great hall the next morning, they see this apparent 'dragoness' from the sorceress's name "she" has scrawled on the blackboard, introduce himself as her in his best imitation of a female voice, and then informs the students that 'she' is the sorceress that had come to take over temporary duties as headmistress, because their regular one had to leave on urgent wizarding business. Then she adds that she had assumed a dragon form to both demonstrate her magic skills and to better suit her personality as a fairly strict disciplinarian. I can imagine a lot of amusing potential with a storyline like that!


Posted by fallendragon 9 days ago

So happy to see you back, and with such a lovely story!


Posted by PrinnyDood 4 days ago

Thanks! I was pretty busy in December, but now I should be a bit more active around here, now that I'm getting caught up on everything.


Posted by anais2000 8 days ago

Happy New Year! And happy to see you turning out great stories again. :)
What's that line about not taunting dragons again? ^_^


Posted by PrinnyDood 4 days ago

Happy (belated) New Year! Glad you liked this one. I seem to recall something about people being delicious with ketchup? xP

Yeah, with the end-of-year rush finally over with, I should be around a bit more reliably.

(I like your new icon!)


Posted by anais2000 3 days ago

Thanks! I finally felt ready to make one of my own. :)


Posted by Nalzindar 6 days ago

This was great reading, those three girls had it coming by the way they behaved and it was fun to see the polite dragon again. I wonder what kind of company he would have been if the females he met hadn't been so unhealthy eager to tease him^^


Posted by PrinnyDood 4 days ago

Thanks! They were certainly quite rude. Though that apparently does not detract from their deliciousness.

Who knows! At the very least, he probably wouldn't have been quite so motivated to get them, if they'd been less teasing. xD


Posted by French_snack 2 days ago

That was fun! I like this dragon as a snarkily polite, irrepressible gentleman, who quite calmly goes about the business of undoing these morsels' wiles, and gobbling them up. They can't even complain; they did challenge him to it! :D