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Fauntastic Ass By Asaneman -- Report

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“Elora, w-wait! Please! Let me go!” the purple dragon pleaded as another hard clench sent him deeper into Elora’s stretchy tailpipe. The fawn didn’t answer him, instead letting out another mnf~ as she leaned over to rest on her dragon-filled guts. She kept one hand pressing against her bulging belly for balance as she reached with the other and patted the top of Spyro’s head before pushing against it, causing the last of the lizard to slowly make his way into her depths. The sides of the dragon’s vision were beginning to be enveloped with white as he sunk between those round cheeks.

Upon realizing just how close he was to being complete butt food, the purple dragon doubled his efforts for freedom. “Y-you don’t have to do this! The professor said I can come back to your realm anytime now that the portal is working again, so there’s no need to be so drastic! If you let me go now... I won’t tell anybody!” Spyro begged, his words muffled through rope. He couldn’t scream for help or use his fire breath, and everything except his head was lost deep within his predator’s pipes. He could only wiggle his bound form, and even that was proving difficult.

“Unf~ Well duh you won’t tell anybody, you dork. What do you think I’m doing right now? Getting rid of the hrrk evidence!” the fawn crowed as Spyro continued to weakly struggle. “Besides, this is my way of getting back at you for calling me a goat,” Elora teased, clenching again with a loud slllurp~. The yellow spines vanished as only the purple dragon's muzzle and eyes remained outside of those dark depths.

"B-But it was just one time though!" Spyro whined. Surely she wasn't serious!? She was doing all of this just because he mislabeled her once? Blinking, the dragon realized just how high pitched his voice was, causing his face to flush with heat. “Okay! You win! I’m sorry for calling you a goat! I won’t do it again, I swear!”

This only caused Elora to laugh. “Oh, Spyro, I’m just playing. I just really want you all to… mhm~ myself,” the fawn said as she gave her ass one final squeeze, sending the hero where the sun didn’t shine.

Biting her bottom lip, Elora felt her legs give out from the pleasure of such a large object passing through her pipes. Thankfully, there were preparations for this, and the fawn landed safely on her bed, panting softly as she began to knead and grope her belly. She could feel Spyro’s struggles every inch of the way, and every so often his muffled words would send a shiver through her spine. The dragon was hers now, and nobody was going to take him away.

“It’s okay, Spyro, no need to be embarrassed. It happens to the best of us~” she cooed, rubbing the outline of the purple lizard’s head as she spoke. “I saw all those times you were staring at my ass. I know a pervert like you would have loved to have a piece of it, but I bet you never expected to become it, did you?” This elected a reaction from the hero, who began to struggle harder and scream while tossing himself from side to side. The large white gut began to sway back and forth, the fawn biting back a low moan as her guts would gurgle and groan in protest.

“Oh, don’t worry, your secret is… mhm, safe with me~” Elora teased, bending over the large expanse of dragon to grab one of the yellow horns on the ground, idly kicking the second underneath her bed. She had cut those off just in case they got in the way, but now they actually had a use. After laying down across the bedsheets, the fawn slowly cradled her massive gut with one arm, keeping it stable while Spyro made his way to her stomach while the other made it way between her legs.

Her loins burned with an aching need for relief; the hero proved to be quite the meal, and being so full, so stretched, proved to be far more of a turn on than she had imagined! With a few experimental taps of the horn tip, Elora was surprised to learn that it was quite blunt despite appearing otherwise; she’d seen Spyro ram sheep several feet into the air, but perhaps that was just due to dragon strength. Regardless, it just made her job easier.

Lightly penetrating her lovelips with the horn, the fawn let out a gasp of surprise at just how little resistance it was providing. With an experimental thrust, it still kept up, and soon Elora got into a sort of rhythm. “Ohhh~ Spyro, why didn’t you tell me your horns were so… wonderful?” she asked, a grin forming across her face as she reached up and pulled down the breast portion of her dress and groping a nipple. By then, the sheets of the bed and the horn were slick with femjuices as the madly horny fawn continued her eager rut.

Throughout her extacy filled session, Spyro was dragged deeper into her guts until eventually making it to the stomach, and as time went on Elora could feel the hero beginning to slowly soften. It seemed even the hard scales of a dragon proved useless against the persistent and eager stomach juices of a fawn! “Mmm… poor, poor dragon. Here I thought that you could handle yourself a little better, Spyro!” the goat taunted. “Surely just a little bit of acids couldn’t break the legendary purple dragon!”

With each taunt Elora’s pleasure deepend, and the vigorous thrusts of the horn into her loins heated her body up considerably which only made the hero’s situation worse. She could tell that he was getting softer by the minute, his form easily turning into a thick and soft slurry to fuel the fawn’s bliss for days to come. His protests and cries weren’t even audible anymore, just the violent glooooorrrps of her stomach which overpowered everything.

All good things had to come to an end, however, and after milking her climax for a good fifteen minutes, the fawn finally came. Slick, clear juices splattered all over her hand and bed, soaking every inch of her nethers as she went limp. Elora was absolutely exhausted, this having been one of the most intense orgasms in a while. Before even realizing it was the last thing the goat heard before drifting off was a garbled whine, followed by a series of victorious sounds from her stomach.

As the fawn slept, her stomach kicked it into high gear to break down the rich dragon in its depths. More stomach acids pooled in while the walls grinded and crushed any solid bits into the same thick, uniform goop. It took several hours, but eventually the guts were satisfied with their work and allowed the dragon turned soup to filter through the intestines. Dragons, as it turned out, were very fattening. As time ticked on by and her stomach shrank, Elora’s chest grew, and her belly had a plentiful layer of pudge added.

However, by far the greatest amount of Spyro went much, much lower. Her rear and thighs ballooned outward, pounds after pounds of soft, thick, and doughy fat were layered on top of one another and made Elora’s figure more akin to a pear than the once slim frame she once had. By the time most of the former hero had fully filtered and absorbed itself into her frame, well over half of the purple dragon had become solid ass fat.

Almost a day later, Elora finally felt herself stir. Her eyes slowly drifted open as a long yawn escaped from her jaws. After a long stretch the fawn felt absolutely refreshed after such a long sleep. Looking down, she noted the smaller belly, but it was still much bigger than it had once been. A small poke told her that it was nothing but soft, thick belly fat. Her tits had swelled out as well, and after a bit of effort trying to squeeze the two orbs back into their cups she sighed. The goat knew she was going to have to get it resized, though for now she had other things on her mind, like cleaning up her sheets. Picking up the horn that still sat between her legs, Elora prepared herself to start, but became very aware of her rear end.

The two bowling balls of ass fat jiggled and slammed into one another for a moment, and with a grin, the fawn gave the two orbs a smack, leaving a faint red mark on them. “Mmm~ Did that feel like a goat ass to you, dork? Glad you finally made yourself at home. I think you’ll enjoy it here~”

As Elora got herself ready for the day, a question began to linger at the back of her head. If Spyro could make her this well padded, and he was still fairly small, what would a real, full sized dragon do to her figure? Smiling to herself the fawn knew that she would have to test this hypothesis. The portal to the dragon lands was open after all...


Awesome write up done by  sirseasalt! Thanks again for doing this! This was done for  Rothar after talking about Elora a bit.


Spyro, Elora © Activision

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Posted by CarnivorousVixen 11 months ago Report

Heck yeah, always love more Elora

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Posted by Badfurson 11 months ago Report

This is great! When Reignited launched, I was expecting a flood of new Elora art. While there was a noticeable increase, it was substantially less than I was prepared for. This is one of, if not the best one I've seen yet!

[ Reply ]


Posted by nono34442 11 months ago Report

very nice.

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Posted by JamKat 11 months ago Report

Great art!
Great story!
Great game!

Incredible work dear! I definetly gotta commission you sometime! X3

[ Reply ]

The K

Posted by The K 11 months ago Report

Amazing! Elora was awesome in that story, and the art that goes with it. Love it!

[ Reply ]


Posted by Azuris 11 months ago Report

Gotta love that cushy faun butt. Fantastic work!

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Posted by Base54 11 months ago Report

The art is good, but this goat faun mix-up joke is getting old very fast. And I've only knew about it yesterday.

[ Reply ]


Posted by TimberWolf25 11 months ago Report

Only a matter of time. Deer preds have just right anatomy. Keep up the good work.

[ Reply ]


Posted by Raiza 11 months ago Report

Oh deer...

[ Reply ]


Posted by Darkbrine44 11 months ago Report

Ok so: This will probably not happen since its A) not a commission and i didnt pay money for it and B ) idk i said all the reasons in A) but i still wanna try it. So here: Could you please do it like the oppisite way? Like elora gets shoved up Spyros ass? I know its not a commission and all i totally accept a no. Just a Question.

[ Reply ]


Posted by Asaneman 11 months ago Report

I don't draw reptile preds, so no

[ Reply ]


Posted by knux 11 months ago Report

VARY hot!

[ Reply ]


Posted by HisashiHinata 11 months ago Report

I love the implication of Elora going ham and just eating all dragons. I really really suggest it.

[ Reply ]