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Revenge Play By JackHereTheRealOne -- Report

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Killing 2 birds with one stone with this one. A little something for the days of not posting i've been doing. BUT in my defense, I wasn't home all weekend.

I will do 2 in a 24hour time span to make up for it. Don't quote me on that, because it probably isn't true, knowing me.

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JackHereTheRealOne: I might look fly, but I want to die (⌐■_■)


Posted by NotMax 3 days ago Report

Every one of your Coco pieces is a gem.

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Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 3 days ago Report



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Posted by ocarinaofbudder 3 days ago Report

Will there be an internal version of this? Just curious.

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Posted by deathknight 3 days ago Report

Okay this is adorable...I wonder of coco will belch flames

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Posted by Badfurson 3 days ago Report

Woot! I don't know what caused the recent boost of Elora artwork around the site, but I'm happy for it!

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Posted by DragonPrey3200 3 days ago Report

Eh. Crash has been (potentially) digested so many times, it won't hurt Spyro to join the party.

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Posted by nnn4463 3 days ago Report

It's only fair

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Posted by StormElla 3 days ago Report

You don't have to make up for anything. You're sharing great artwork for free, take all the time you need you brilliant badass.

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Posted by Azuris 3 days ago Report

Coco and Elora with nice bellies in the same picture? Very nice! Great work on this!

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Posted by unknownincognitoguy 3 days ago Report


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Posted by WankersCramp 3 days ago Report

A bit like their waistlines, these soft bellies squishing together is growing on me. I hope one day to commission you.

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Posted by JMSMP17 3 days ago Report

Good coco

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Posted by geoshark12 3 days ago Report

Btw what happens to a lot of your old art I can’t find it

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Posted by MrWiseGuy 3 days ago Report

I want to swe more Coco bandicoot vore

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Posted by Duskthewolfcub 2 days ago Report

The alternate story to crash purple and spyro orange

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