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Krystal's Cushions By Asaneman -- Report

The large dragon watched eagerly as the blue space vixen pressed his broad footpaws against her large, soft rear. He blushed as his footpaws sank into rear, her warm pudge slowly enveloping his toes. A deep, pleasured growl rumbled in his chest as his ankles were slurped up into her fleshy tubes. “Mmmm, I honestly can’t believe I got to meet you, miss Krystal! Admittedly, I’ve fantasized about something like this,” he said, his blush deepening.

Krystal chuckled before pulling in a few more inches of the large, black-scaled dragon. “Well, I’m certainly quite charmed to meet you, too, Mr. Drakonovan! Though I’m quite—nng!—surprised how—umph!—eager you are to become—hnph!—fat!” she exclaimed, slurping up the dragon’s powerful thighs.

Frenzied smiled. “Oh, it’s my honor to become pudge on you, Miss Krystal!” He said happily, his cock quickly becoming erect as his hips were sucked up into her fleshy tubs.

“I have to admit, dragon—Ah!—you’re testing my limits, big boy! This is a workout.” She said, pressing her paws against the underside of her rapidly swelling gut. With each powerful clench, a few more inches of the huge dragon slipped into her squelching guts, sending a shiver of pleasure up Krystal’s spine as her belly swelled even larger. It took quite the effort to drag Frenzied inside, especially considering he was at least four times her size! But with her powerful instestines squeezing and slurping around his large frame, soon his entire body had been sucked into her winding tubes.

“Looks like your going to be fox pudge, dragon boy!” Krystal said, resting her arms in her gigantic, burgeoning belly. Frenzied could only blush again as he felt her big, soft cheeks envelope his head. With the dragon finally fully engulfed by the vixen’s fleshy tubes, he could only smile as he enjoyed the ride, certain the vixen was thoroughly enjoying herself as well.

“Hehe….I wonder how big I’ll make you,” he said, a pleasured growl rumbling in his chest as Krystal’s powerful flesh squeezed and squelched around his form, squishing him further up her guts.

It took hours for Krystal’s guts to soften up twelve tons of dragon meat, but the vixen couldn’t help but be impressed by all the mush still contained in her huge, pudgy middle. “Whew, you sure made a lot of goop. Now, to get you to where you belong…” she said, pressing a paw into her large, gurgling middle, her paw sinking deep into soft pudge.

Over the next several hours, her powerful intestines worked all that dragon mush through her guts, efficiently absorbing all those nutrients into her body. Each gurgle and glorp from her guts caused her already generous curves to swell even further. It didn’t take long for her boobs to burst from her bra, still swelling with dragon nutrients along with her curvaceous . Before long, her curves had swelled to ludicrous proportions, making her breasts and rear incredibly soft and pudgy. Krystal could hardly keep her paws off herself, eagerly groping her warm fat pudge.

“Mmm...look how big and soft you made me!” She exclaims, happily feeling up all the new additions from her dragon meal. With just one step, she felt all of those heavenly pounds jiggle on her ass and breasts, making her pause for a moment. “I need to go on a diet….maybe…”


Done for  agtnightwolf, featuring his big dragon being pulled up the Star Vixen's tush! He did the fun write-up above, thanks again!

WIPs, with a minor edit for the last panel:

Frenzied ©  agtnightwolf
Krystal © Nintendo

Comment on Krystal's Cushions


Posted by Gage73t 10 months ago Report

I love it lol

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Posted by RedFox26 10 months ago Report

Holy shit this is good! <3

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Posted by CarnivorousVixen 10 months ago Report

Now THAT'S a Krystal <3 Fat Krystal is so much better than thin Krystal :3

[ Reply ]


Posted by FanficFetishist 10 months ago Report

The fatter she is, the more seductive she is. Well done.

[ Reply ]


Posted by LightSpeed 10 months ago Report

Murrrrrr... Sexy Krystal!! ^3^

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Posted by Wolfknight130 10 months ago Report

I like how more people are showing organ view, and not in the gory way. ^^

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Posted by Firebird22 10 months ago Report

I think her current diet is perfect

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Posted by SaharaTheWolfe 10 months ago Report

Amazing work as always

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Posted by Azuris 10 months ago Report

Love those internals and post digestion chub. Top notch work as usual!

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Posted by skullcrusheramk 10 months ago Report

Don't know why but I kinda like willing prey with your art, it's a nice treat. :3

[ Reply ]


Posted by Zavvnao 10 months ago Report

the link to the other person is broken.

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Posted by MirceaKitsune 10 months ago Report

She is truly a goddess. Thank you for portraying her so nicely each time <3

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Posted by F1reDem0n 10 months ago Report

God she gained amazingly from all the dragon meat.

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Posted by Badfurson 10 months ago Report

Ooh, her pelt is a much richer shade than normal-it's like sapphires!

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Posted by Acemelody 9 months ago Report

The queen of vore

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Posted by Dest 7 months ago Report

The 'Goop' is actually called Chyme

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