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Warming Up By Lampton -- Report

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A quick-ish take on Melony, the newest pokemom. Got some sketches of her that I'll likely post sometime soon, too.

Ended up doodling her a lot while I was supposed to be finishing up an Olivia sequence, but I'm sure I'll get that done soon... one of these days. Probably this month. maybe.

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Posted by TheRPKing 4 weeks ago Report

Nice and comfortable


Posted by Keylimes 4 weeks ago Report

Excellent work as always


Posted by Lampton 3 weeks ago Report

Thank you!


Posted by Despacito20 4 weeks ago Report

Big ol' tiddies an but


Posted by Caustic 4 weeks ago Report

i want to see her poop


Posted by Lampton 3 weeks ago Report



Posted by jklq 4 weeks ago Report



Posted by TrainerKatrine 4 weeks ago Report

No idea where this is from, but looks noice.
Remember to draw a pyukumuku, or else. :eyes:


Posted by Lampton 3 weeks ago Report

she's from the new games, and yeah I will ;p


Posted by TrainerKatrine 3 weeks ago Report

Oh, I see!
Gonna have to wait about a month before I myself get the games, since I'm waiting for my birthday/Christmas (22nd of December is when my birthday is), and I am trying my damn best to stay away from spoilers...
God, that's hard with everyone on YouTube starting livestreams or playthroughs of it.. xD


Posted by whatisthissheet 4 weeks ago Report

Holy fuck, this is too good. Sorry for the senseless praise but that's all I can do because this is just so good


Posted by Azuris 4 weeks ago Report

Well that's certainly one way to warm up, heh. Nice work on the new pokemilf, Lampton!


Posted by BIGBIG 4 weeks ago Report

Im very uncomfortable with her design.
But great stuff as usual :D


Posted by Bobrocks 4 weeks ago Report

I slighty agree


Posted by Lampton 3 weeks ago Report

thanks! Why's that though?


Posted by BIGBIG 3 weeks ago Report

Overal silhouette, shape and color choices are very boring and seem hastily designed


Posted by BIGBIG 3 weeks ago Report

Pokegirls do seem to have that problem sometimes.
I'm just really not down with their design choices


Posted by BIGBIG 3 weeks ago Report

This is my two cents on her redesign -


Posted by UnSolitario77 3 weeks ago Report

Lampton I like your drawing style, and I can see BigBigs point of view too as well but he makes more realistic style art, I like your cartoony style way more but, to an extent I like bigbigs some but not as much but overall you two are way better artists than Me, Keep up the good work both of you.


Posted by thicceater 4 weeks ago Report

Awww so sweet! Melony is a grade-A Poke-Mom
On par with Wicke!


Posted by RandomSpectator 4 weeks ago Report

Cue the angry Scottish screaming from the girl trainer.


Posted by meuporg490 4 weeks ago Report

So cute and heartwarming. I love it <3


Posted by Cooler4567 4 weeks ago Report

I wanna be warm in her belly too


Posted by Narkotic 4 weeks ago Report

I wanna see him melt like the rest of her past 'encounters'


Posted by Handsomekingdedede 4 weeks ago Report

omg you said you were working on an Olivia Sequence? I can't wait to see that one! OwO


Posted by Bright 4 weeks ago Report

Gotta be warm in there, that's for sure.


Posted by Hazeyoyo123 4 weeks ago Report

Love the way you drew her skin and face, her overall look and demeanor is very warm and welcoming, perfect for winter. Amazing.


Posted by JackJackal 4 weeks ago Report

The best bulge! Need more like this!


Posted by boomerangfish 4 weeks ago Report

With how cold it is here, I'm next in line


Posted by BigJohnHagerty 4 weeks ago Report

Good work as always, looks nice and warm


Posted by Lampton 3 weeks ago Report



Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 4 weeks ago Report

This makes me feel all warm and cozy... which is good because it's chilly here.


Posted by BlueMarvel611 4 weeks ago Report

Hey Lamp, nice take on one of the new females of Pokemon Sword and Shield. THough got to ask where does this Melony come from? She doesn't seem to be familiar to me given.


Posted by Lampton 3 weeks ago Report

She's from Pokemon Shield.


Posted by Vorelover23 3 weeks ago Report

Yep, just confirmed this myself. Gym leader #6. Replaced by rock type gym leader gordie in pokemon sword.


Posted by GrandestBlue 4 weeks ago Report

Best s/s girl, without a doubt.


Posted by Bloodhawk757 3 weeks ago Report

I like F/M a lot! You don’t seem to do it often though :(


Posted by UnSolitario77 3 weeks ago Report

Hey Lampton do you plan on drawing any of sonia or the mom from sword and shield?


Posted by Deathwing1211 3 weeks ago Report

I could certainly use that kind of warmth right now.


Posted by Vorelover23 3 weeks ago Report

Whose pokemom is that? I can't seem to find her for the actual pokemon setting.


Posted by Vorelover23 3 weeks ago Report

Edit: got it confirmed. She's the ice-type gymleader of circhester town for pokemon shield. The other alternate gym leader is for Stow-on-side's gym, the ghost type gymleader Allister.


Posted by jaxbeef 2 weeks ago Report

Really amazing job on the internal shot, lamp!


Posted by maxnine 10 days ago Report

im can't quite pinpoint it but there's something about the way you do internal poses which gets me going ever time.


Posted by Douberi 10 days ago Report

I'm a bit late to the party, but it was really nice to see your take on the new gym leader, although I suppose she's not exactly new anymore... oh well, same difference! I don't suppose it'll make a difference to the challengers who end up in her gut, so it shouldn't to me either!