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Caught In The Act By Rac0r -- Report

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Miss Kawakami getting caught in the most embarrassing ways possible, with her breasts exposed!! .. oh and some students stuffed in her belly... BUT NUDITY!! Oh my!!

Got meself a new tablet, one of those with a screen on it (Whatever they're called) so this was a fun little drawing to do and get used to the new tablet.

Enjoy if you wish! ^-^

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Posted by SirVile67 4 months ago Report

Miss Kawakami stares at you like a deer in the headlights, her large breasts exposed along with her huge belly. How do you respond to this?

Enter and lock the door<-
Close the door and walk away
Take a picture with your phone


Posted by Raesetsu 4 months ago Report

You help her digest her meal by giving her a nice belly rub and when she's hungry again feed her more. And hopefully it turns into a lasting relationship.


Posted by SirVile67 4 months ago Report

So basically option 1. ;)


Posted by Rac0r 4 months ago Report

I'd imagine Joker doing the option 2, just close the door and walk away. Anyone asking what's the matter, he would just shrug and keep walking :P


Posted by SirVile67 4 months ago Report

Cuz that's how Bro-ker rolls, amirite? xD


Posted by joeburp22181 4 months ago Report

Enter and lock the door. She can fit me in there too~


Posted by SirVile67 4 months ago Report

I'm sure she'd appreciate your generosity. ;)


Posted by Iseta 2 months ago Report

take a picture and enter then close the door and enter on her belly~ ;)


Posted by mibankai1171 4 months ago Report

A very nice picture ^_^


Posted by noisekeeper 4 months ago Report

Kawakami trying to hide her gluttonous activities is my favorite type of scenario I like to envision her with. You really did a great job with drawing her and that belly bulge is top notch!


Posted by Rac0r 4 months ago Report

Yeah it definitely works well with her secretive double/triple/quadruple life character, it is how I envision her as well. Teacher by day, housemaid by night and voracious predator somewhere in between.


Posted by TenryuuGodess 4 months ago Report

I don't mind rub her belly


Posted by reliuskaiser 4 months ago Report

I love how joker is intrigued by the situation.


Posted by Rac0r 4 months ago Report

Intrigued? Confused? Surprised? It's hard to tell about him sometimes :D


Posted by radmann 4 months ago Report

Amazing Kawkami. You did an exceptional job with this, just truly fantastic all around.


Posted by Rac0r 4 months ago Report

Thanks all mighty!! ^-^


Posted by StygianRook 4 months ago Report

Now gotta take care of the witness. :9


Posted by Rac0r 4 months ago Report

And then a new witness comes along, and another, and another, and another.... And it goes on like that :D


Posted by Hurb 4 months ago Report

Ok, this is epic <3


Posted by Rac0r 4 months ago Report

Humm... Velma is also pretty epic *ponder ponder*
Thanks! ^-^


Posted by PixelMood 4 months ago Report

Nice boobs!


Posted by kattu 4 months ago Report

always so perfect!


Posted by Rac0r 4 months ago Report

Thanks bunchies!! ^-^

Coora Ithirid

Posted by Coora Ithirid 4 months ago Report

What a lovely find~


Posted by golly88 4 months ago Report

He never saw it coming


Posted by Spider8Fiend 4 months ago Report

Oh, I’m sure that the eaten students are fine, but what kinda teacher takes her shirt off during school hours? How unprofessional.


Posted by Rac0r 4 months ago Report

I know, right! Eat students as you wish, but keep your fun bags to yourself! :D


Posted by blazeveritas 4 months ago Report

joker *pushes up glasses, nose bleed* *kisses kawakami massaging meal aand fuck her brains out to help her digest-*


Posted by DARK13 4 months ago Report

I LOVE HER REACTION for been discoreded hehehehe. Nice job! I missed your art :D


Posted by linthia 4 months ago Report

Awesome work~ love the belly shape and how she holds her breast


Posted by jklq 4 months ago Report

This is sooooo good!Awesome wwwww♡


Posted by JohnnyF102 4 months ago Report

So awesome


Posted by Durgbutt 4 months ago Report

Ayyy. Great to see more art from you!


Posted by Rawr534 4 months ago Report

I missed you :D


Posted by SerenaBlaze 4 months ago Report

Wow, this is gorgeous and awesome!


Posted by HipHugger 4 months ago Report

Stunning work :3


Posted by Rac0r 4 months ago Report

Thank you ^.^


Posted by NewRebellion 4 months ago Report

Well, that's mildly embarrassing! Nice work!


Posted by Sparkachu 4 months ago Report

We've missed you Rac0r, welcome back


Posted by Dan3012 4 months ago Report

Awesome job, pls make more of her


Posted by GonzaII1313 4 months ago Report

Love your work :D


Posted by ifdre 3 months ago Report

What is going to happen after this picture?


Posted by breasts 3 months ago Report

Very sexy indeed!
She needs to eat the witness too!


Posted by Wanderingspirit1333 3 months ago Report

And that kids is how I met your mother


Posted by Masspeach 2 months ago Report

That box with "super secret stuff" in it made my day.


Posted by SherlokKiril 3 weeks ago Report

Gosh this is really hot ! I like scenario here !