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A Nerdy Meal for Noelle (CM) By JackHereTheRealOne -- Report

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Posting time again. About 3 images a day.

Commissioned by one of my discord bois.

A story was also made for this one, made by my main mans  pactborn of whom I cannot recommend enough if you are looking for story commissions. There seems to be nothing they can't do imo. Anyway, if you wish to read the whole story, you can find it here> :
By the time the full deer arrived at the school gates, hefting her gut in her grip, she was just in
time to see her friends before registration. She turned a corner and almost bowled over Susie
with her gut! The reptilian girl looked through her bangs and gasped at the sight of Susie’s
bloated gut, clear even with the sweater obscuring it. “Oh my, I am so sorry Susie!” The deer
frantically apologized while Susie smirked and ran her claws over the angry bumps and
grururmbling curves of the bloated gut.

“Wow Noelle, this is a look I never saw you pulling off, especially with that dorky sweater but you
actually look pretty cute with a big gut.” Noelle beamed with joy at this compliment, moving
closer and fawning over her crush’s physical affection. “It’s Berdly in here right?” She chuckled
at the brief nod the more meek monster motioned to her. “Good riddance, he was always a

“I-is it obvious? I mean, if you noticed, surely everyone will spot my gut and then I’ll get in
trouble…” She meekly muttered but Susie laughed out loud.

“Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me and I don’t think any teacher’s gonna look you over
enough to know anywho.” The dino bent down, her palms kneading into the undulating flesh and
further bathing the annoying bird in the stew of enzymes. He was feeling his skin come out in
angry red blotches beneath the blue feathers and groaned as Noelle accidentally let out a loud
BUUUARP! It almost ended up hitting her amore’s face but Susie bent down to further shake up
the gut. “Hear that Berdly? You’re gonna be chyme and then fat on cute little Noelle here.”
Before the blushing deer could pick apart that last compliment for any sign of recipcoated
affection, the bell rang and the gut was left hanging off with a noisy bluumomphhh, like an
over-filled vial of potion. “Anyway, see ya later, enjoy turning the nerd into pudge!”

Berdly was going to put up a fight, even making a point how he was already so razor-thin close
to figuring out the puzzle of this gut but Noelle was already shifting in the opposite direction,
sloshing the knee-high smatterings of burning liquid across his form while Noelle managed to
sneak into her classroom. Luckily her earliness allowed her to slink to the back row and hide her
gut beneath the desk though it was a tight fit for Berdly within her...
Anyway, papa's drunk, i'll post more later or something. Reckon I need a bit of shut eye. Outta my face.

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JackHereTheRealOne: I might look fly, but I want to die (⌐■_■)


Posted by Badfurson 1 year ago Report

Loooooove this sequence so much~! You really did a great job with the bellies and WG!

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Posted by Azuris 1 year ago Report

Damn fine work with that post digestion reindeer booty.

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Posted by supaboi 1 year ago Report

Bro whenever you post my day has been made, just want to let you know :)

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Posted by HisashiHinata 1 year ago Report

Noelle looks so cute! You drew her so well!

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Posted by JackHereTheRealOne 1 year ago Report

1st time too. Can only go up from theory

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Posted by RG9812 1 year ago Report

Now that a lovely booty

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Posted by Monopolus 1 year ago Report


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Posted by denysvision 1 year ago Report

I really want to play with that booty

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Posted by Codygaming 9 months ago Report

Was there a gif made of this?

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Posted by JackHereTheRealOne 8 months ago Report

yes and no. Did I make a gif with Noelle? Yes. But was it of this? Nah. An edit

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Posted by Codygaming 8 months ago Report


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