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A Date with Penny By Shyguy9 -- Report

Penny the half-snake, half-dragon-ish girl goes on a date! Drawn for the month of Snektember, as voted for by my Patreons!

She thinks her desires very loudly, but will she be able to keep her thoughts to herself by the end of the night? If she comes on TOO strong, she might scare you away...

Comment on A Date with Penny


Posted by Shadie 1 month ago Report

This is a good aesthetic, top notch

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Posted by NekoYuki 1 month ago Report

"But they were both subs!" - memes
Is a good picture by the way~ goods work as always!

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Posted by Zagine 1 month ago Report

This does make me think that any time she meets someone she wants to eat her, they unfortunately assume she's a predator cause she's half-snake. lol

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Posted by gigaredpanther 1 month ago Report

tfw you deliberately go out with some kinda dragonsnake lady to maximize your chances of getting eaten, but then this happens

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 month ago Report

The scale work on her is lovely and the inner monologue is super cute too :p

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Posted by Leika 1 month ago Report

She actually succeeds at triggering my virtually non-existent predatory side... then I think about the effect of all those scales on my digestive tract, and, um... can I just "eat" you, Penny, rather than EATING you?

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Posted by z3d 1 month ago Report

Gotta day, she does look very delicious. Wouldn’t mind eating her and having her digest into a stomach like the food that she is X3

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Posted by Estee 1 month ago Report

I'd be happy to fulfill her wish.

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Posted by OrcaVoreIsBestVore 1 month ago Report

Jeez! Penny is really vorny tonight! Luckily, Cassie isn't scared off so easily, and will gladly take up some of her offer.

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Posted by Kaheiyattsu 1 month ago Report

Basicly me X3

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Posted by abstractCourier 1 month ago Report

I like how her scales gives the appearance of fishnets, top-notch

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Posted by SherlokKiril 1 month ago Report

Great job on her scales ! I wasn't expecting her to be a hard, horny bottom.... easier to relate for sure.

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Posted by Flamewarproductions 1 month ago Report

My dumbass though she was wearing full body fishnets for like 20 whole seconds

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Posted by Speciesunkn0wn 1 month ago Report

I've got a few characters who'd love to treat her! :D

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Posted by BloodPuma 1 month ago Report

Such a hot and sexy preyslut, how could anyone not want to gulp her!!

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Posted by Nemyon 1 month ago Report

i will love to slurp her down <3

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Posted by Handsomekingdedede 1 month ago Report

I would love to nom her~ plus I’m a reptile just like her so its a win win~

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Posted by Neznamy 1 month ago Report

God that design and it’s colors are so good!

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Posted by Lithalya 1 month ago Report

Obviously needs a date with Sophie.

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Posted by RB23 1 month ago Report

literally me

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Posted by VoraciousShapeshift 1 month ago Report

Damn, that is one cute little snake...I don't really have a strong kink for being a predator, but I also don't reject the notion more generally...I wonder if she'd mind being food for a dragon? I certainly wouldn't mind trying if I could take on that form with her.

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Posted by Jackal3 1 month ago Report

wow! i don't think i've ever seen such a thirsty willing prey from shyguy9!
is there more i missed out on?? please let me know!

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Posted by DirtyMac 1 month ago Report

Nice to see her still longing to be soaking in digestive tracts. That scale pattern probably took a while. X3

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Posted by augustthedragon 1 month ago Report

You know, I usually prefer male prey, but I coud make an exceeption for her. Although I like my victims to be begging NOT to die, not the other way around. Now if she changed her mind about wanting to be digested halfway through, then that would be just delightful.

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Posted by nervousvampire 1 month ago Report

she should be careful or she'll make people think she's the pred

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Posted by Savagerush012 1 month ago Report

Get a grip, woman! Of course I don't want to eat you, at least not literally! Anyway. Shouldn't it be the other way around? You're the snake-dragon, here.

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Posted by Aces 1 month ago Report

This poor preyslut isn't gonna last long.

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Posted by DarkGloose12 1 month ago Report

Well, this is one of the times that i really wanna be a predator...and i like it

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Posted by Ghostdragon 1 month ago Report

Goodness, she has some strong desires! I would not be chased off by such such strong words and wants~

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Posted by threk 1 month ago Report

Well she seems nice.
Those are really cool scales, makes her look like she's wearing fishnets. You can see the light reflecting off of each scale differently too, it looks awesome.

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Posted by Dunno987 1 month ago Report


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Posted by BDPilgrim 1 month ago Report

~ unhinge Jaw ~

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Posted by curiousss 1 month ago Report

PERfect Prey!!!

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Posted by Carnoustie 1 month ago Report

How do I get with her?

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Posted by Shyguy9 1 month ago Report


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Posted by Reiko 1 month ago Report

Awwww I would date her so quick @[email protected]

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Posted by StarBomber109 1 month ago Report

I wonder, what if her date was thinking the same thing. That would be an awkward dinner conversation.

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Posted by Birichino 1 month ago Report

At least she can play it cool...for now.

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Posted by saitofang 1 month ago Report

but what if I want to be Penny's meal?

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Posted by The_Prof 1 month ago Report

part of me wonders what would happen if she dated someone who had the same kink... Just an aggressive slap fight of one trying to feed themselves to the other

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Posted by ragnar 1 month ago Report

Beautiful. I want one.

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Posted by Flamemaster5000 1 month ago Report

Id definitely eat her if she wants it afterwards

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Posted by greggarkits 3 weeks ago Report

10/10, would grind into mush.

That tail looks so long, thick, and juicy <3

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Posted by Natolin 6 days ago Report

I know this isn’t the right place but greggar please check your PMs, there’s something very important

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