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The Bladder is the Penis Stomach By Kronguss -- Report

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Bladder vore on boy and girl parts are really great imo, and I wanna see / make more of it. I wonder if I can start a pee disposal revolution. In the future I'd def have the person who was turned into the golden drink be forced down someone else's throat in liquid form.

I don't know why I draw so many abs, I prefer chunky tummies.

The full resolution of this image is available on subscribestar. This was also uploaded to my subscribesar a month ago, feel free to check it out for early art.

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Posted by doomed 10 months ago Report

dude!!!!!! you gotta do more of this . also you should consider doing cock vore and then having them be absorbed rather than melt into cum


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 10 months ago Report

Fake. We all know pee is stored in the balls


Posted by Doctor 10 months ago Report



Posted by Caustic 10 months ago Report

Love this, not enough PEEPEE EJECTION available


Posted by Duke1911 10 months ago Report



Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 10 months ago Report

Pee is stored in the balls


Posted by Chuba 10 months ago Report

I love you more for making Astolfo the pred here :3c


Posted by Xenophage17 10 months ago Report

Great to see some underappreciated subjects


Posted by ApolloF117 10 months ago Report

just do it


Posted by techtician 10 months ago Report

I love bladder vore in RP over on Twitter. It feels so primal.


Posted by Tysia 10 months ago Report

There's really not enough bladder vore out there, especially female pred bladder vore. Hopin' to see some of that from 'ya Kronguss! Amazing work as always.~


Posted by boomerangfish 10 months ago Report

Astolfo looks good here, I’m down


Posted by TheKawaiiCommie 10 months ago Report

But Kronguss, pee is stored in the balls!


Posted by nukers1 10 months ago Report

Astolfo Cock Vore is underrated and pretty rareish, this is amazing


Posted by GonzaII1313 10 months ago Report

Love it so much! Need more of astolfo


Posted by Zen_Coyote 10 months ago Report

This is actually closer to accurate cock vore. Most people assume semen is made in the balls but it isn't the main component of semen is made in the prostate, which makes more sense for where prey should end up in the event of cock vore.

....of course why am I bringing logic into an unrealistic fetish like vore.


Posted by Kronguss 10 months ago Report

What if we pee'd cum


Posted by EmissaryOfRainbows 10 months ago Report

Yooooooooo this is cool


Posted by AlimentaryArtist 10 months ago Report

This is great bladder vore is super underrated, and personally not a big fan of empty testicles where people go when they're CVed.


Posted by foxygrandpa 10 months ago Report

anatomically correct CV is best!! relatedly, honestly surprised no one has made a 'pee is stored in the balls' meme vore comic before


Posted by Derpus 10 months ago Report

there ain't nearly enough bladder vore out there

you are doing a great service to us all and i thank you


Posted by threk 10 months ago Report

Pee is stored in the balls


Posted by Dolsilyol 10 months ago Report

Very very very good. And very fun to do to some cutie ~v~


Posted by Flippy 10 months ago Report

Love the x Ray view


Posted by ScornfulStomach 10 months ago Report

Man nobody does CV into the bladder, it's a shame too, since it's an extra humiliating way for the prey to go.


Posted by DestinyLust 10 months ago Report

Astolfo bladder vore... Fuck...


Posted by VoreWin 7 months ago Report

Do you plan to do more bladder vore? I LOVE the third iamge and the design of the character