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You are under arrest By Karbo -- Report

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Some giant elves found an unlikely job XP
So this picture was a little challenge. It's a redo of very old one you might remember if you've been around for long ;3
My patrons picked it so I had to redraw it entirely but using techniques I acquired since then. I'm quite happy with the coloring and the neon feel here. It's not a kind of palette I use often. There are more pictures with those three coming ;)

If you like my work and you feel generous, you can support me on Patreon : Any contribution, even small is very appreciated ! It helps me a LOT to bring you guys more pictures more often, and you can get some cool stuff in return and see my work long before it hits the internet ;)

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Posted by usersp 11 months ago Report

hey thats fucking cool, those colors are awesome and the girls look *nose bleed* nice


Posted by Karbo 11 months ago Report

Thank you :D


Posted by usersp 11 months ago Report

you are welcome :3


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 11 months ago Report

Permanent arrest as part of her beautiful body <3


Posted by Karbo 11 months ago Report

Yush X3


Posted by TanookiBoy12 11 months ago Report

Looks like a nice confinement~


Posted by Karbo 11 months ago Report

There are worse ones I guess XD


Posted by SlickDratini 11 months ago Report

Wow, this is a lovely picture! I actually have a robot policewoman OC who has the same "stomach is a jail" gimmick, it's a really hot idea! It makes me blush to see you're into the same stuff! #^O^#

Keep up the wonderful work! Hopefully we'll see more of these girls in the future!


Posted by Karbo 11 months ago Report

Thank you ! and yes I agree there is just something really sexy about it XD


Posted by carlj 11 months ago Report

I remember the original one ^^
You have been a pillar in the vore community for as long as i remember, keep up the good work!


Posted by Karbo 11 months ago Report

indeed this one is pretty old XD


Posted by theunknownspy 11 months ago Report

Is this Detroit’s new police force?


Posted by LargeCactus666745458 11 months ago Report



Posted by Kasra 11 months ago Report second offenders.


Posted by MrCrossover 11 months ago Report

Night City has changed a fuck ton after the attack of Arasaka Tower


Posted by Karbo 11 months ago Report

hahaha XD


Posted by VertGreenHeart 11 months ago Report

I just wish I knew what happened to the other police one.
the one where they're standing in a row.


Posted by Adder4118 11 months ago Report

Ive already seen a sneak peek if this on deviant art x3 but i dont comment on deviant art much so ill say it here this is such an amazing drawing


Posted by Kopfschuss 11 months ago Report

well im sorry but i have decided to turn to a life of crime


Posted by Karbo 11 months ago Report

My job here is done then X3


Posted by VFF217 11 months ago Report

If that is the jail I'd actually want to get arrested.


Posted by doomed 11 months ago Report

i remember the original. but isnt therea third one ?


Posted by PrinnyDood 11 months ago Report

This is great!

Absolutely love the colors you went with! An unusual but gorgeous choice!

Love the pigtail elf too! Her enthusiasm is hard to resist! :D


Posted by Karbo 11 months ago Report

Hehe yeah she loves her job ;D


Posted by BIGBIG 11 months ago Report

Love the idea of a world functioning like this :3 BEEEEG jails walking around and doing justice


Posted by Karbo 11 months ago Report

I agree ! lot of things to do with that base idea XP


Posted by hunter2045 11 months ago Report

Very nice. I like this style. Just needs Crisis, Mennysan, or Vivian to show up. Then things would get really interesting.


Posted by Jamie263 11 months ago Report

Brilliant. I'd probably get myself arrested on purpose lol


Posted by blasphemia 11 months ago Report

Very cute and creative. Wonderful work as always, Karbo!


Posted by ToonTownLoony 11 months ago Report

You gotta wonder how likely it was that you'd be sent to sexy jail here if you so happened to be present at the casino and the most you'd ever done was earn a parking ticket that you hadn't paid yet.


Posted by fixated1 10 months ago Report

It doesn't seem that long ago that you posted the original version of this, and I remember it being really good. Not sure why it needed a remake but I love this all the same.