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Essentially Workers By CratedCheese -- Report

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So..I've been sick with the virus for quite a while now...But to show I'm still not dead yet, here was just an old idea I had when this whole mess was beginning

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Posted by GloriatheDevourer 5 months ago Report

Oh, my you got it, I hope you are as ok as possible! It's lovely to see you around!


Posted by coldfire1200 5 months ago Report

I hope you feel better


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 5 months ago Report

Oh God, I hope you get well soon!


Posted by CrimsonShadow 5 months ago Report

I’m sad to hear that you have the virus. I hope you recover soon.


Posted by doomed 5 months ago Report

honestly im surprised eve happy. it means less people around so shes less likely to kill someone llol.

also glad you're alive hope you feel better soon


Posted by Diversity23 5 months ago Report

Oh ! I sincerely hope that you're now in a good shape. Health is far more important than everything else (even more nowadays with this cursed pandemic), so don't worry about being absent for a long time ^^.


Posted by piecheese10 5 months ago Report

Wait, Eve eats her masks?


Posted by Omega273 5 months ago Report

Good to see you are still good!


Posted by somethingsomething2077 5 months ago Report

Oh god im really hoping everything went well
I was also unfortunate to have it late last year, so i know how you felt
Hopefully you feel better to comeback if you feel like


Posted by JackHereTheRealOne 5 months ago Report

Shit chief, that's what I like to hear. Whoop that viruses ass


Posted by CMvoreroom 5 months ago Report

I'm so sorry to hear you have it CC, but I'm happy to know you're still okay.

Please make sure you do everything you can to get better. We'll be waiting to hear your full recovery when you do.

╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ Stay strong and stay safe!


Posted by glorp 5 months ago Report

Aw man that sucks. Hope you feel better soon


Posted by Vorelover23 5 months ago Report

... and WHY is Eve eating her masks? Plus... *walks over to the blonde and pokes the nose on her mask* Boop the puppy.


Posted by 007siren 5 months ago Report

It's a huge relief to see you're still with us! Take care of yourself, that's the most important thing right now!

(っ.❛ ᴗ ❛.)っ


Posted by Gunbot1333 5 months ago Report

I can speak for everyone when I say I am glad you are alive, and hope you get well soon.


Posted by Bright 5 months ago Report

Glad to hear you're still alive.


Posted by AnominableBreadman 5 months ago Report

Ayyyyyy Cheesy Boy, I hope for your speedy recovery, be safe mate. And thanks for the post!


Posted by EelWayne 5 months ago Report

Yeah... Yeah.


Posted by carlj 5 months ago Report

I'm so glad to see you post here again, i have missed your stuff ^^
But do take care of that nasty virus, get well soon!


Posted by HalfDime 5 months ago Report

Welcome back; you've been missed. ;)


Posted by shadowfox1218 5 months ago Report

we all hope you feel better soon


Posted by Tentacleharp 5 months ago Report

Holy shit really sorry to hear you've been sick but glad to hear you're alive really hope you get better soon!


Posted by jklq 5 months ago Report

Damn hope you alright.


Posted by TheHungryTiger 5 months ago Report

Eve, you shouldn't eat you masks. That's not healthy


Posted by Funjez 5 months ago Report

Get well soon


Posted by SomeoneThatExists 5 months ago Report

Hope you get better


Posted by SomeoneThatExists 5 months ago Report

Also adding a bit of soy sauce to masks makes adds a much needed salty undertone


Posted by neversurrender21 5 months ago Report

Yikes hope you get better soon. I had it back in January and know its hell to go through. Hope you don't have any after effects


Posted by Suibelly 5 months ago Report

I hope you recover quickly, you're always fun to see around


Posted by TheDarkHunger 5 months ago Report

Welcome back your art is amazing


Posted by Frakass 5 months ago Report

Gasp, sorry to learn that!
I wish you a quick and complete recovery! ;-)


Posted by Pixel 5 months ago Report

Hope you feel better soon!


Posted by Nightcrawler99 5 months ago Report

Please get better! I love your Eve comics.
Eve is among my top 3 favorite characters on This sight!
If you go she goes! Many Hopes and prayers to you!


Posted by RottingCowboy 5 months ago Report

virus! oh my god are you ok!


Posted by Plume7 5 months ago Report

Stay strong, girl. Eve needs you.


Posted by P1an3tv0re 5 months ago Report

Glad to see you are ok.


Posted by POPObro 5 months ago Report

glkad to see you pull through buddy!


Posted by AfraArt 5 months ago Report

Glad to see you back!~


Posted by DudeBoi54 5 months ago Report

That is completely OK! Just take your time and we will be patient... Also, HORRAY YOU'RE NOT DEAD!


Posted by TheAkkoDimensio 5 months ago Report

Get Well Soon~!


Posted by SpaghettiCultists 5 months ago Report

Get well soon, Cheese.. :(


Posted by dirito 5 months ago Report

Hope you feel better soon!!

The K

Posted by The K 5 months ago Report

I hope you are feeling better. Be safe.


Posted by Icylobster3 5 months ago Report

Oh no! I wish you a speedy recovery!!


Posted by daeway 5 months ago Report

Return of the Cheese.


Posted by cobalionzekrom 5 months ago Report

Hope you feel better, and I wish for a speedy recovery!


Posted by wolfenmkII 5 months ago Report

Sorry to hear it mate, stay safe and get well soon


Posted by PINGASsien 3 months ago Report

Thanks you for this proof that you're still alive ! I hope you recover.