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Just a UB fan. Here to give advice and or give away story ideas.^^
Also Here to Love, encourage, and admire others works.

Lover of UB and Oral-vore stories with unwilling participants that don’t end in a fatality!^^
I prefer somewhat realistic body proportions please. Female Unbirther MUST be able to pass as hugely pregnant in front of other people, with or without clothing.

I LOVE a real life atmosphere in stories and seek conflict and awkwardness after UB takes place!

NOT a fan of UB being portrayed as an everyday thing that anyone can do! Also NOT a fan of regression, digestion, or reformation, Turning into fluids, or soul vore! BIG NO to all that!

Love to see a woman after UB-ing someone, struggle to go about their day normally. Like them having to deal with a VERY unhappy occupant while at home, in a public area like a mall, a restaurant, or even their job!.

Harsh dominating comments and teasing words towards a struggling belly pet are always smiled upon by me.^^

The more realistically the characters are portrayed the better!
This, with the exception of extreme pain not being a factor, and life threatening complications such as air, starvation, and waist removal, all being addressed in some way.
Terms and conditions for my OWN UB are as follows in the explanation bellow!....

This world is crap and full of too many responsibilities and fears to handle 24-7! I crave an escape like all people! I desire to feel happy, safe, and at piece! And what better place is there to experience that, than the same organ-ic place one came from!^^
If UB can be arranged/made a reality, then the following are my terms and conditions to going through with it!^^

01) NO making me a MICRO! ("Toddler size" is acceptable! Just, how's this fun? if you cant feel me?)
02) NO Regression! (I want to remember who I am and all my great experiences thank you!)
03) NO Absorption! (Umm... just NO! TOO MANY REASONS TO MEANTION!!! My death being the main!)
04) NO turning me into cum! (Just why? Why kill a WILLING sex partner? What gain is there in that?)
05) NO giving me room mates!- (I like personal space and space to move! This one may be negotiable!)
06) NO Doing ANY drugs!- (I don't want that junk in my system and screwing with me!)
07) NO Sex with strange guys!- (NOT swimming in some dudes... Just YUCK!>< (Female friends ONLY PLZ!)
08) NO hurting me for fun!- (Ask don't torture! I'll kick, move, or do whatever you want willingly! )
09) NO endangering yourself!- (Hello! You're prego!!! Be careful and rational!)
10) NO painfully squeezing me!- (Treat me nice and I'll treat you nice!^^)
11) NO "Permanent" imprisonment!- (I get the potential reasons why,^^ but please respect that I have a life.)
12) NO killing me, PERIOD!- (Look, I'll NEVER rat on you! You're a damn treasure I'd KILL to protect!)
13) NO ACTUALY abducting me!- (Again, I got a life, Respect it please! Let me out on our agreed times!)
14) NO soul vore!- (Just NO! Its weird! And it sort of violates the no killing me bit!)

15) This stays SECRET!-
(Yeah.. You heard me! I'm on your side through and through! You tell NO ONE I'm in there except maybe a bestie that can keep secrets and already knows about your abilities!)

You are FREE to do anything that's NOT listed above, so long as its not a danger to me. There are no real limits to the sexual activities you can try or do while I'm in. However if it involves me please ask first!^^ (One kick means YES! Two means NO!)
That aside You can also take a trip out of town and go anyplace you want to so long as you can respect that I have a life I want to live! You're free to exercise any way you like, eat any and all foods you want, and basically just be you! I agree to UB but only if the above conditions are honored! If ya can't then theirs NO deal!

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Hah, that's exactly the same kinda reason I chose my name by! I hadn't heard of the X-men character tbh

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I don't really like to promote myself too much but if you're interested I have other unbirth stories. :)

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