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Fox Food - Part 1 By Tsavo -- Report

Uploaded: 4 months ago

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Oh Honey~ Our lover isn't missing. In fact, if I push against you much harder he might just buckle under the pressure. Put your ear to my stomach and you'll hear him saying "goodbye".

Luna has her girlfriend cornered and is letting her get one last good hug from their former lover. But if that leash tucked under her tongue is any indication, her girlfriend might just be reunited with their lover very soon.

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Posted by DejiruHerald 4 months ago Report

G O D your art is so freaking top tier, i love absolutely every part of every piece <3


Posted by Tsavo 4 months ago Report

I won't lie, it feels good to hear that.


Posted by Freevase 4 months ago Report

100% second this


Posted by doomed 4 months ago Report

all imma say is turnabout is fair play lol


Posted by voreomatic 4 months ago Report

This looks so good


Posted by ComradeHadrian 4 months ago Report

Why is your stuff so consistently amazing? Also that prey in the collar is adorable.


Posted by Tsavo 4 months ago Report

She is extremely cute and I love her.


Posted by Naganommer 4 months ago Report

Tsavo bringing us another absolute god tier piece of art. This is amazing.


Posted by hetcomc 4 months ago Report

So many uploads from you lately, and they are all stellar!


Posted by Tsavo 4 months ago Report

The backlog is tremendous. @[email protected];


Posted by linthia 4 months ago Report

Those expressions with this dialogue is just... perfect <3 And how she grabs her belly while pressing it against her~


Posted by Tsavo 4 months ago Report

Well Luna really needs to make sure that little thing feels just how mushy that belly is.


Posted by somethingsomething2077 4 months ago Report

Dude i swear to god your art is just always on point looking amazing, seriously never think otherwise, i seriously get hyped when i see a new post by you

About this drawing tho, will they umm, you know, kiss goodbye before being tucked in her gut? Would be pretty cute and dark, im sure she's excited to join her former lover


Posted by Tsavo 4 months ago Report

A real lovers' last kiss sorta scenario.


Posted by KVCArts 4 months ago Report



Posted by PhantomAsh 4 months ago Report

God this type of domination is so damn hot. I cannot wait to see part two >///<


Posted by Moxx 4 months ago Report

So, while the speech bubble says "They", there's only one person — male, according to the description — in her stomach, yes?


Posted by Tsavo 4 months ago Report

They can be used as a singular. It's not always plural and in this case is meant to keep the gender of the prey ambiguous.


Posted by replicated 4 months ago Report

Yesssssssssssss~ Feed the fox~


Posted by carlj 4 months ago Report

There's something about having your prey leash down your throat and pulling her closer as you slowly swallow it that is just...unf <3


Posted by Blarginated 4 months ago Report

Far too many hot things to comment on here, my man. Excellent work.


Posted by ElPortero 4 months ago Report

JESUS FUCKING H. CHRIST YOU HAVE FUCKING KILLED ME WITH THIS, TSAVO!!! Favorite piece of vore art ever made, hands so far down they are tickling her rectum from the inside. I have waited my whole fetish-loving life to see this, and good lord you have delivered! PERFECTION!!!


Posted by ElPortero 4 months ago Report

I lost my mind so damned hard that I even wrote this on the wrong piece of art! You are such fucking god-tier, my friend.


Posted by Demicus 4 months ago Report

Cute little girlfriend! Be a shame to eat her!

But as we all know, the cute ones taste best... :3


Posted by terannmeapart 3 months ago Report

oh god the leash in the pred's mouth is such a hot idea im definitely borrowing that >:3