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Seconds By HipHugger -- Report

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Sorry, I spent all my energy coloring this thing rather than coming up with clever wordplay.

Ummm....Pretend I captioned it something clever.

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Posted by KinoTheCat 4 months ago Report

"Quiet impressive you're holding me and your ex-friend up. Definitely a better seat then they were~"


Posted by Bright 4 months ago Report

I really like how the top rests on top of the belly like that.


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 4 months ago Report

Lucky guy.


Posted by Paradox 4 months ago Report

I like this Version of Atlas Carrying the weight of the world.


Posted by TimeToRun 4 months ago Report

how things should be ^^ great drawing :)


Posted by KheraTheWolf 4 months ago Report

Very cute one, she's got great legs and feet, and of course belly in this one. I love the way her belly squishes against her thighs ^-^


Posted by Monopolus 4 months ago Report

Two posts within the same week? Nice!


Posted by doomed 4 months ago Report

Him : “Judge I want a divorce”

Judge : “ why ?”

Him : “Because I’m carrying my wife and her mistress on my back “

Amber : “Hun if you give me an hour i’ll save you all the paperwork“


Posted by AndrewLondon 4 months ago Report

"You're rather bony for a chair."

"You're rather plush for a---"

"Keep talking back and see where it gets you."


Posted by Justsomeone 4 months ago Report

2 Hip works in less than a month? I must be having one of them so called wet dreams.


Posted by 2531209j 4 months ago Report

Such a lovely gal. Knocked this one out of the park again!


Posted by Art$avage 4 months ago Report

Very nice.


Posted by SerenaBlaze 4 months ago Report

Oooh nice~


Posted by Umhuebr 4 months ago Report

What a vibe


Posted by CrimsonDragonKing 4 months ago Report

Amazing work ^^


Posted by manv 4 months ago Report

Lovely ~ I really like her smile there ;)


Posted by carlj 4 months ago Report

"You better give me 20, or you are going to be seconds."


Posted by UltraSuperGenius 4 months ago Report

You were REALLY close to having a good wordplay with this. Instead of "Seconds", you could've titled it, "Seconds Later." Because presumably she just ate this guy a few seconds ago, and she's sitting on top of seconds, which she will have later :D


Posted by HipHugger 4 months ago Report

Damn! Where were you ate days ago?


Posted by taito 4 months ago Report

Oh I know what happened. Amber was talking to this nice couple....teasing them...seducing them. One thing led to another and then the poor guy did nothing as she greedely swallowed the woman he loved. Reduced to nothing more than her slave, he gets on all fours while she uses him as a stool, all the while knowing that his beloved is melting away inside her gut.


Posted by Vilanda 4 months ago Report

I'm so in love with this! Now I can't get my quizzes done, because I want to be stuffed in there. :)