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Flo and the 11 Kids Ch2-Pg67 END By Shryland -- Report

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Welp, that was fun!

Super sorry this was late, hopefully everyone sees why I was behind on getting this out on 08/08.

I'm not pleased with a few faces and panels that I posted and I plan on going back and redoing them.

Next Year: Flo and the 11 Kids. Chapter 3.

Stay Tuned!

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Posted by Codygaming 1 month ago Report

Nicely done


Posted by joe354 1 month ago Report

can't wait to next year to see chapter three, this was worth the wait tbh mate and i can't wait to see more of your projects now! I hope to still be kicking to see them too! take a day off from this and chill for now tho you deserve that much!


Posted by Imparix 1 month ago Report

How do i support this! I have friends that would also houn in sponsorships


Posted by Imparix 1 month ago Report

I meant join


Posted by Shryland 1 month ago Report

Starting an OnlyFans :D


Posted by Morphy 1 month ago Report

Isn't that the one currently chasing off all it's NSFW clients?


Posted by Shadydancer 1 month ago Report

Oh wow! Chapter three? I can hardly wait after this masterpiece


Posted by Dudeox05 1 month ago Report

Wow! Didn't realize you'd been working on something so elaborate!


Posted by helenarlet 1 month ago Report

Feels like I've been waiting forever for this chapter but it did not disappoint. Well worth it. Can't wait for the next chapter!


Posted by RG9812 1 month ago Report

Really good job look forward to next year work


Posted by thequietmanno1 1 month ago Report

Man, i liked Flo before, but i LOVE her as a Pred now. nice to finally see a little bit more of her personality besides pissed off and hungry.


Posted by MrSinister1990 1 month ago Report

Nice, I hope she gets even bigger soon! Maybe finds some amazon animals hehe


Posted by Wolfknight130 1 month ago Report

Can't wait. Usually not a fan of underage prey but the angles and style of this comic, along with how hot that bear is, it's just too good not to read ^^


Posted by harharharhah 1 month ago Report

What a journey! That was fantastic, can't wait for the next chapter :)


Posted by mibankai1171 1 month ago Report

I would not hate if you continued to release gold like this every year, amazing work ^_^


Posted by doomed 1 month ago Report

Well she better digest quick otherwise this may end like the fairy tales do


Posted by Shryland 1 month ago Report

Nah, momma goat is already ate. Noone's coming :)


Posted by Demonking44 1 month ago Report

She is going to be one seriously immobile bear... I love it.


Posted by thequietmanno1 1 month ago Report

I have to say, Flo's character design is a nice balance between 'SBBW' and 'immobile blob of fat'- lotta muscles to move her mass around and still recognisably female- and attractive to boot.


Posted by Russ231 1 month ago Report

dude your art and stories are still always amazing, already looking forward to any of your next works


Posted by edwinflores428 1 month ago Report

Watch as the sex she had with that boar turns out to knock her up turning her into a pregnant pred~!!

What a wonderful ride from start to finish of this chapter~!


Posted by Shryland 1 month ago Report

Already ahead of you XD


Posted by edwinflores428 1 month ago Report

I fucking LIVE for pregnant predators~! Massive belly full of babies in the womb and prey in the stomach~


Posted by thequietmanno1 1 month ago Report

It would be nice to see Flo get some squirming passengers in her womb, given she's dropped a lot of hints that she has a thing for pregnancy and getting big and fat
guess we'll see if it ends up being unbirth of regular pregnancy in the end.


Posted by BIGBIG 1 month ago Report

Nice work man!!!


Posted by HMDVore 1 month ago Report



Posted by IhateloveCelestia 1 month ago Report

Great as always, but I do hope there's more gravid-gut girls going down that gullet to get graphically ground up into gore for us to see as Big Momma Bear gets frisky and freaky with her squirming sloshing stomach, massive milky mammaries, bountiful bouncing bear booty, and needy nethers.


Posted by oddhis 1 month ago Report

Amazing work, always enjoy watching your art =)


Posted by swamplord 1 month ago Report

this was well worth the wait! ya done gewd


Posted by Anon2727 1 month ago Report

Oh please lord, would you please please please draw a few pages showcasing her digesting them and adding to her already plump and amazing figure? <33


Posted by Newtonne 1 month ago Report

seconded! i would love to see all those poor village children digest too~


Posted by Disentariaki 1 month ago Report

This is honestly amazing. A sequence with so many pages is truly an epic feat. This is why you’re one of the best around. Bravo.


Posted by Assimilation 1 month ago Report

Happy 8/8, bud. The wait was well worth it, and glad to see you doin' what you do. =)


Posted by Ome 1 month ago Report

This was well worth the wait. It's crazy how good it wasm the poses, expressions, even the lighting of some scenes. All top notch.


Posted by CheezeIty 1 month ago Report

I dont want to wait another year


Posted by Shryland 1 month ago Report

I mean technically next year is a few months away


Posted by CherrieWolf 1 month ago Report

What a masterpiece! Truly fantastic work - absolutely amazing~


Posted by oddhis 1 month ago Report

oh wow! If she got that big with the kids, i can't imagine how big she will get if she eats the parents aswell! Well done, one of the best comics i have seen in a while =)


Posted by GuloGuloJaws 2 weeks ago Report

I loved this from beginning to end, my favorite parts were the two bunnies in her cheeks watching everyone be swallowed and the wolf girl.


Posted by c0sm0s 2 weeks ago Report

The urge to creepily fave every single page is strong for this one! Fabulous facial expressions. Amazing shapes and weight/balance all through and story flow!