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A Fox And Her Girl [Chapter 3/7] By wolfSnack -- Report

Vicky, the foxiest lady in Graduation, got a summer internship working on the Happy Snacks Ranch!

It's important work, to help ship countless humans off as food for the hungry anthros in the world outside the gates of the ranch.

But when Vicky meets a human named Amaya, will their relationship be purely predator and prey, rancher and merchandise?

Or will a forbidden summer romance bloom? And can these two star-crossed pred-prey lovers find a happy ending?

Chapter 1: Veterinarian Visit
Chapter 2: Farmhand
Chapter 3: Grading (You are here!)
Chapter 4: Home
Chapter 5: Auction
Chapter 6: Finale
Chapter 7: Epilogue
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This story started its life as a 20K word commission from  thelustyargonian, which he did a wonderful job with.

I've expanded it significantly, rewrote the prose into my style, and adjusted Vicky's character a bit. But the skeleton of the story's plot and dialog still is all his! :) Go check out his page for more awesome work.

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Posted by Dragon808tr 1 month ago Report

Aww! This was really cute! I loved the shower part with the soaps! I wonder what the seasoning soap tastes like?

The dump and talking after was super cute as well! I really enjoyed it!

By the way, i noticed you removed the one cub story that was a little old.


Posted by wolfSnack 1 month ago Report

1) Thank you! Yeah, May and Vicky are starting to become really fond of each other~

2) I love any excuse to turn a predator's bowel movement into a public experience XD

3) Yeah, I deleted that old story a while ago. I was never happy with it, and regretted writing it.


Posted by Dragon808tr 1 month ago Report

Well, its always good manners to show humans what theyll end up as!

Aww, im sorry. I kinda liked it! The worldbuilding was kinda cute! But i know stuff like that makes some uncomfortable