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Necoarc is funny By Kronguss -- Report

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I like... really like necoarc, so hear me out. They're like, the stupidest thing ever. Like, they're such a non-pred pred, so like, if they eat you and turn you into fat and shit... It's like being taken out of the food chain. Something that's the ultimate stupid creature has turned you into NOTHING. Taken you out of the world. Shit's hot.

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Posted by ThirtyCelcius 3 months ago Report

i dont agree


Posted by Kronguss 3 months ago Report

delete your account


Posted by Jadex 3 months ago Report

Plaque be upon ye


Posted by Winny 3 months ago Report

When I think of Nekoarc in a predatory role, its either shes an escaped SCP type creature that preys on people who are alone. Or its some type of zombie infection where those infected turn into nekoarcs.



Posted by Kronguss 3 months ago Report

You see a picture of her and she instantly starts waddling toward your location.


Posted by Winny 3 months ago Report

And all you hear is Mnywah! Getting closer and closer. You try to run but no matter how far you go in the distance you just see that waddle.


Posted by JYGaming 3 months ago Report

Why does it feel like you've opened Pandora's box?
What have you unleashed upon the world?


Posted by Fatedmeal 3 months ago Report

Along with the terrors of Pandora’s box, there was also hope.


Posted by noisekeeper 3 months ago Report

You're right. That's fucking hot yo.


Posted by whatisthissheet 3 months ago Report



Posted by Fatedmeal 3 months ago Report

We are going to get the Melty Blood collab in Fate/Grand Order this year with Arc featured on the TV CM. Only for Arc to be taken out the picture as the incomprehensible figure known as Neko Arc guzzles her down wetly. The lengthy story chapters interrupted by Arc’s death through as her body is finely processed into a gelatinous caricature of herself. Compressed by Neko Arc’s compact and esurient organ. Sloughing off the tissue with a haunting melody as Mash tries and fails to make a move on the Chaldean Master. Neko-Arc’s pyloric sphincter cartoonishly yawns open to heartily gulp, with a similar vigor to her mouth, the desecrated Arc. Her figure barely reminiscent of the name it was attributed before. Now destined to be referred to as Neko Arc’s excrement. Neko Arc’s intestines sucking up the digested proteins and emulsified fats with languid groans and disturbing sloshes. As the Chaldean Master releases the limit on his “bowoomp” and throws fisticuffs with “totally not Kirei Kotomine”. The new 5 star mascot of Chaldea’s tum having grown opulent from the former Arc’s diffused through her cells. Before she could have ever entered the throne of heroes, Arc was taken off and replaced by Neko Arc. Instead, during the touching epilogue of the F/GO Melty Blood collab event, Neko Arc walks to Goredolf’s quarters and exposes her bulging rosebud. A voluminous snake of feces spilling forth with an odious aroma that diffused through the room. Neko Arc let out a sickeningly pleasured sigh as she winked at the Chaldean Master and looked smugly at Mash, as she had won the master’s heart before Mash could even stutter. Jumping off with an unmatched jubilance. Arc’s existence is sent straight to the gutter as Neko-Arc ascended to the Throne of Heroes in FGO.

Fatemeal: “Hire me as a writer. That is right, I’m talking to you!” Pushes Kronguss to the side and points at Nasu. Let’s round up those petulant gacha slaves with F/GO Part 3: Electric Boogaloo.

Also Fatedmeal: Honestly, I am more than happy to collab/trade with others time allowing.

What is this…actual feedback: You did a great job in portraying Neko Arc, staying true to their original visual style while also adding your own stylistic flare. The paneling of text also conveys a spontaneity that embraces the cartoonish nature of such a character that is further complemented by the sketched words to the side adding minor descriptions. An inclusion that directs attention to the incomplete nature of Neko Arc as an independent existence…words…and more words to fill the space of this conversation with some form of contrived substance. If I were talking I would have probably passed out from lack of oxygen.

To any that read through all of this have a great day and go watch Carnival Phantasm.


Posted by SilentViewer 3 months ago Report

I get it :)


Posted by Opis 3 months ago Report

Non-pred preds are the most based kind ngl


Posted by Kronguss 3 months ago Report

fr fr


Posted by VAddict 3 months ago Report

I can imagine some guy who's pretty good at fighting ends up taking her too seriously and trips into her mouth. All that power and instead of dying to a powerful opponent he becomes fat for Neco-Arc, his reputation as a fighter would be ruined and he isn't remember for any of his achievements but for being that guy who died to Neco-Arc. You're right, that shit is hot.


Posted by Nic386 3 months ago Report

We Will Boil Him Soon Alhamdulillah


Posted by techtician 3 months ago Report

Okay but like...

I agree and would totally do something with that


Posted by WarGames 3 months ago Report

Dori Dori Dori


Posted by Kronguss 3 months ago Report

Jiya jiyaaaan


Posted by WarGames 3 months ago Report



Posted by gigaredpanther 3 months ago Report

In a general sense, yeah. I'm all about people getting gulped and gurged by an absolutely shameful predator. An event that people hear about and ask "How could they let that happen?"
Like specifically using the phrase 'let that happen' because of how unfathomably incompetent you would have to be to have that happen with zero inaction. How utterly absurd that such a thing could even happen at all!
That despite your best efforts to live your life to its fullest, your ultimate destiny was to be remembered as a punchline of a joke. An outlier variable that some statistical analyst will look at and ask 'Wait, how???' And, above all else, a meal for an absolute dumbass gremlin.


Posted by Badfurson 3 months ago Report

She’s my main in MB, so I gotta agree~


Posted by RewindFlyingPeterPan 3 months ago Report

I... genuinely really like this thought process. Someone's ENTIRE existence, literal DECADES of training and growth... all instantly dominated as some stupid thing's snack forgotten about in a few minutes. I agree, that shit's hot.


Posted by Jadex 3 months ago Report

Agreed to the fullest extent of the law


Posted by usersp 3 months ago Report

bro- you are fucking right


Posted by ShaboJohnson 3 months ago Report

gurenya *disappear*


Posted by GoneForever 3 months ago Report

Good stuff, also that description, hot.


Posted by Mortaven 3 months ago Report

Unexpected predz are best predz! All about the table-turns!


Posted by Sneed 3 months ago Report



Posted by Pokemonfan612 3 months ago Report

I hate this so much, but at the same time I need more of it


Posted by Trixstone 3 months ago Report

necoarcs are extremely big brain, idk what you're talking about


Posted by ElyBlanche 3 months ago Report

My Neco-arc brainrot is back aaaa. Curse you Krongus


Posted by Kronguss 3 months ago Report

Spread the ROT


Posted by TheGreatAndA 3 months ago Report

Small, cute, dumb preds that don't seem like they should be remotely threatening, yet still happily and gleefully humiliatingly eat and kill you anyways without remorse, are the very best kinds of preds out there for me.


Posted by AlterEgo23 1 month ago Report