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Clowning Around (2/2) By IrateLiterate -- Report

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Finally wrapping up this surprisingly large comic debuting my new clown girl OC: Fawn Haus. She's tons of fun and is bigger on the inside than she is on the outside!~

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Posted by Tanookicatoon 3 months ago Report

Epic insta gurgling. >w<


Posted by linthia 3 months ago Report

Those people being digested was worth the show~


Posted by ALAMOS123 3 months ago Report

love this character instantly! honestly love all the bottom heavy characters you have, they always look so great in your art


Posted by Jacquelope 3 months ago Report

Nope! lol she's like... Clown Jacket!


Posted by jaxbeef 3 months ago Report

Fawn is such a cutie.


Posted by Tamashii69 3 months ago Report

I Love Her omg


Posted by MomDoer69 3 months ago Report



Posted by doomed 3 months ago Report

This is why clowns are evil , they’re always deadly lmao


Posted by credxz 3 months ago Report

Omfg she's so cute. I love her.


Posted by Kevinben01 3 months ago Report

Love this idea


Posted by JAnneBonne 3 months ago Report

Fawn Haus is such a great name! And I’m already in love with her!


Posted by Joeycnab 3 months ago Report

If I could only add to that waistline... Absolutely heart and soul melting ending


Posted by Iceninja 3 months ago Report

This entire sequence is . . .incredible. Fawn's character, from her design to her personality, are fantastic. I love her playful but seemingly indifferent attitude to devouring and digesting people alive. I can only imagine how the other fair goers are reacting (since I assume that knotted clothing trick were for the carnival patrons who were standing a bit further back and managed not to get inhaled).

I assume the one woman with her lingerie and her date were both churned into oblivion for the audience's (lack of) entertainment. But I also can't help but wonder, what if the date didn't get sucked down Fawn's throat because he happened to be a few feet out of her range? That would lead to a VERY awkward conversation. Fawn seems pretty nice and understanding though. I'm sure she'd at least give back the lingerie. Maybe even give him a discount off his next admission to the fair!


Posted by DrDark7 3 months ago Report

i'm liking her already


Posted by dudeguyman888 3 months ago Report

Great trick! The audience that is not leg fat must be really stunned/confused at this point


Posted by credxz 3 months ago Report

I really hope she isn't a one off character. She's so cute. I love her.


Posted by IrateLiterate 3 months ago Report

She's not a one-off, she's a planned character! At the very least, there's one more comic in the works with her right now~


Posted by credxz 3 months ago Report

I'm glad to hear that!
I also kinda wanna see something of her taking off the makeup and showing what she's like when she's not clowning around?


Posted by Iceninja 3 months ago Report

That's awesome news! She's quickly becoming one of my favorites.


Posted by daeway 3 months ago Report

I'd ask how she tied the knots, but that might ruin the trick.
(someone inside did it sry not sry lol)


Posted by ZauniteFlashlight 3 months ago Report


*Heck,* she is so cute!


Posted by WatermelonArtist 1 month ago Report

me fr


Posted by Kelly 1 month ago Report

Honk honk x3