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Tiny author.

I'll be uploading my stories from other sites (DeviantArt and GiantessWorld) here over the next several days. If you're impatient and want to read the chapters I haven't posted yet, feel free to head over there, my username is the same.

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The coffee shop was vacant, save for a couple of employees and a lone patron. The baristas hovered behind the counter; their casual banter littered with subtle flirtations as they passed the time. The sole customer was seated at the furthest table from them, seemingly out of earshot. She flipped the pages of her newspaper over, turning to a half page ad for an upcoming event. Reaching over to her steaming drink, she sipped as her ears tuned into the conversation between the two teenagers.

Mila sighed as she browsed through the menu. So many choices, and she was feeling a bit adventurous today. She scrolled down; her attention grabbed by a dancing bubble on the screen.“Hmm, Bubble Tea?” She mused, tapping on the listing. “Sounds interesting, wonder what it is.” An image of the beverage appeared, showing a milky white drink with silvery pearls in the bottom.“Ooo… tapioca balls, and zero calories? I’ve got to try this!” She clicked on the screen again, ordering t

Rick looked up from his computer as a low rumble approached, growing steadily until the ground beneath him trembled. He turned his attention back to the monitor before him as the rumbling stopped, signaling whoever was home had shut off the engine. Given the minor earthquake that accompanied the vehicle’s arrival, he knew it was either his mother or sister, as his father’s car didn’t shake the enormous home when it arrived.
Rick was what used to be considered “normal sized”, at

“Come on, one more for a killstreak!” Ben grumbled into his headset. He leaned forward a bit closer to the screen, until his lanky elbows rested on his equally wiry knees. His hands twitched as reflexes worked over the controller’s various buttons and twin joysticks, maneuvering a virtual soldier across the battlefield. He didn’t hear the sound of his bedroom door creak open, the volley of gunfire cracking through his headset keeping him fully immersed in his game.Rachel grinne

6 - Biology Class********
class, today we have a bit of a special lesson. Today, we’ll be
going over ‘Acquired Miniaturized Polymolecular Cytosis’, more
commonly known as the Shrinking Syndrome.” A few murmurs echoed
through the students. “Now, y’all are fortunate enough to have a
classmate who has this condition, and who has also volunteered to
help demonstrate some of the symptoms and side effects of her
condition.” The teacher gestured to Alex, who was poised on

5 - Study Night********
first three weeks of school were almost over, just one more afternoon
before the weekend arrived. Alex packed up her bag as the bell rang
and hopped onto the waiting palm beside her, eliciting a smile from
Lily as she lifted her into the air. “Aren’t you excited,
Alex?” Lily chimed as they walked down the hallway. “I’m so
glad all our schedules finally worked out for a study session!”Alex
glanced up at Lily and gave a thumbs up, knowing the clammer

4 - The Ride Home********Alex breathed a sigh of
relief as the last bell of the day rang out through the classroom.
The racket of chairs screeching backwards in unison quickly drowned
out the bell, followed by the rush of footsteps as thirty students
tried to squish through a single doorway at once. Alex scooped up her
backpack, holding one hand out to steady herself as the desk wobbled
beneath her. The source of the disturbance, a careless boy walking
past in a rush to leave the room.

3 - A Word with Kelsey********Alex stared up at the
giant cheerleader staring down at her, gentle waves of warm breath
washing over her.
we need to get a few things straight, runt.” Kelsey muttered down
to her partially opened hand. “Just because you’re small and cute
doesn’t mean shit here. You’re already getting way to much
attention, and that’s not something I’ll put up with.” Her eyes
glared down at the tiny teen, daring the one inch girl to challenge
her. Al

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