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I like writing weird stories.

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was a pretty lousy day, as far as weather was concerned. Dreary gray
sky, uncomfortably chilly, and raindrops small enough that they blew
all around and into your eyes. If it was any worse, they would have
canceled the game. But it wasn't, and they didn't, and here Ashley
was, getting wet.
rest of her day wasn't going much better, either. She'd stayed up
late last night and had to get up early for the game, so she was
running on maybe four hours of sleep. Her French horn was feeling

to say, Elizabeth was thrilled when her apartment building had a
reformation chamber installed. She loved her girlfriend and
everything they did together, but walking down the street to the
reformation center was always such a bother; making the long trip
several times a week with her heavy, sloshing belly was starting to
give her back pains. Having a machine right there in the basement was
a dream come true.
as always, expectations surpassed reality. The machine, a

stared in frustration at her empty closet. Aside from a few
mismatched socks, an old set of pajamas, and some scattered hair
ties, there was absolutely nothing to wear. She slammed the door
shut. It was her own fault, of course: if she didn't keep getting
digested in full sets of clothes, she wouldn't be so lacking for
things to wear. But knowing that did nothing to help her solve her
immediate problem.
grabbed her phone from her bedside table and checked her schedule. It
was a weekend,

wheezed as she sprinted up the driveway to the house. She was gonna
be late! It was almost seven, and she was gonna miss the start of the
grabbed for the doorknob but nearly fell forward as it opened before
her. Someone stood in the doorway. Someone she knew. "Hey Em!
Saw you running up. Don't worry, the party hasn't started yet,"
said Cleo, smiling.
exhaled deeply. She had made it. She took a moment to admire Cleo's
costume- the girl was dressed as Chloe Price f

should be right down here."
led her friend through the twisting corridors. She had never been in
this part of the building before, and wouldn't even have guessed
there were classes here had it not been for the dozens of other
students milling about. It always surprised her how big this place
still wish you would tell me what we're looking for." Behind
her, Erin's flip-flops echoed against the floor. "My feet are
getting tired."

Ivy stepped into her apartment, she felt a familiar crunch under her
feet. She looked down. An empty bag of chips.
glared across the room. Jenn, her roommate, was lying on the couch,
loudly crunching away on another set of chips. Scattered on and
around her were several other discarded bags, fallen chips, and a big
enough pile of crumbs that it was visible from the other side of the
room. She had the TV on, too loud as always, and didn't even seem to
notice Ivy come in.
the hel

was a pretty nice day, all things considered. Clear skies, dry air, a
gentle breeze. It was pretty hot, but that was typical for this time
of year. Certainly better than it could have been. Zehra did not mind
standing outside and watching the football game.
a member of the marching band, she got a great vantage point of the
field. Standing just off to the side of the playing area, she could
see all the action up close, and had an even better view than the
front row of the bleachers. The un

that girl over there?"
the table, teal hair. The one gulping down a chick."
her. I think her name is Naomi? I don't really know her too well.
really sexy. I'm gonna go talk to her."
just think that cause she's got a girl in her mouth. You know you
have a thing for that, right?"
uh! I'm sure she's just as hot when she doesn't have a pair of legs
sticking out of her, stretching her

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As of today, I have uploaded all 10 stories that I wrote before getting a gallery here. I'm gonna go back to writing now, but writing takes time, so it'll be a bit before I upload anything else.

Thanks to everyone who has favorited, commented, watched, or just viewed. I really appreciate it, and I'm glad people like my stuff.


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