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PVT Round 2: Kree Vs Shala

Kree had been taken back and locked in her room, still bloated from devouring her first opponent, there was little she could to but just sit there. Jack was probably one of the luckiest prey to fall to Kree, having lost consciousness before Kree had consumed him. Kree didn't really care though, to her he was just another meal that made her happy and full. She lay back on the floor, letting out an exhausted yawn and began to drift off into a peaceful slumber.

PVT round 1: Kree vs Jack Reinhart

Kree laid nestled in the tattered remains of her bed, sleeping soundly as morning came. She was in a strange new place and wasn't quite sure why, but she didn't feel threatened here so she didn't make much of a fuss. A knock came to her door but Kree just shifted in her sleep. The knocking continued.

“...Miss Kree? Miss Kree, it's time for your first match.” A feminine voice called out as the door opened. Kree let out a little chirp as she

PVT: Kree's Entry.

Deep in a lush forest in a land of beasts and magic. A small flock of harpies, nestled in there nests for the night, slept soundly in the tree tops. One particular harpy named Kree, different from the other harpies for a strange and unique trait, slept peacefully in her nest among them. Kree was gifted with special feathers over her body, each as hard as steel, but light as any regular feather. Each one sharp as a dagger and ordinary looking at first glace, except for a m



Tasmali...A once peacful city in a strange world of various species, would soon become a battleground and the last stand for the planet from an invasion of sinister, predatory creatures from another dimension...

Professor Beezekial, a leading scientist in quantium physics, had accidentally ripped apart space between the two worlds in an attempt at interdimensional travel. Soon the carnivorous Dimensis invaded into the world causing havoc and chaos in their path. A group

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Well I lost round three of the PVT...Sad at that but it's my own fault, I'll just have actuallty put somemore work into it next year. In my new found free time and boredom, I decided to organize a new Digimon RP viewtopic.php?f=19&t=19684.

...I've been in a real digimon mood. Started up both a private and forum RP for it, got out my old copy of Digimon world 2 to play, watched a few digimon movies I've never seen and checked out a bunch of the new games and was thinking I might pick one up. Back when I was young I was as big a digimon fan as I was a pokemon fan. Ya they practically ripped each other off, but that was alright. Both of them were such fantastic franchises that...
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Posted by Malezor 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch! :D


Posted by xblurp 5 years ago Report

Yo wassup. I almost forgot about ya. Didn't see you around so just saying what's up and to see what's going on.


Posted by Fenris 10 years ago Report

In one of your posts from a long time ago you mention The Weybren being one of your favorite Stories from This is interesting to me because I am the creator of that paticualr interactive story. ^_^ Glad you liked it.I've been trying to move it over here for some time but never got around to it >.>


Posted by TheCreeper 11 years ago Report

Hey thanks for the watch ^^ Hope to hear from you soon.


Posted by BerserkerB 11 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch.

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Posted by Halcyon 11 years ago Report

Awesome, thanks for the watch :D


Posted by Ragtime 11 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch, and welcome to the site! Hope you have a fun time here. If you ever want to chat/RP, give me a holler!


Posted by Carni-vore 11 years ago Report

Only started up my account a few days ago, and I already have met some nice people, picked out a few of my favorite works on the site, designed a new growing interactive story and now I've finally got an avatar for myself. I'm getting really into this site and plan to get even more involved in the future. Not bad after 3 days after signing up.

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