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Alec Poulakis (9/8/2007 5:48:56 PM): "Don't worry, we'll get to do this again soon nummy boy" the little girl said cryptically, even more cryptic and confusing was the fact her tiny small hands were stretching out her tiny small lips into a gargantuan, mouth like cavern. The gaping black walls of flesh and crystal clear saliva were staggering to see in such a large, colossal way. The jaws then suddenly blanketed themselves around Takato's brown haired head like a snake around a waterme

Things seemed normal as the bustling sun shined down upon the simplistic home of the boy of a baker's family. Fresh scents of crispy golden brown bread loafs could be smelled everywhere, clumps of spilt white powder leaked everywhere. Guilmon was snoring pleasantly in his cage like park home, his red reptile scales tired and aching from a night of playtime the other day. Takato's room laid a scattered mess of clothes, schoolbooks, and other junk the boy probably had left there for quite some tim

The shadows bathed the man as he lurked amongst the side of brick walls, steel trash cans, and a plethora of other mysterious objects surrounding the house that had do curiously captivated his taste buds. Lips wettened and tongue flourished, growing starved and scared with anticipation as his short ash brown locks dangled before dark stone blue eyes. The man had been trying to get inside all day, his midnight black sneakers treading with rubbery red bottom soles as he climbed up the rooftop and

Alec Poulakis (6/25/2007 5:28:13 PM): The ticking minutes around the porcealin white clock ticked like clanking nails, lightly taping the glass structure around the coal black numbers. Dozens of youthful, sparkle eyed, eager students shake in their sneakers eager to leave. Mr. Odabia, the teacher suddenly slapped his wrinkled locks of gray hair as he nearly forgot, adjusting his circular glasses. "Before you leave kids, I almost forgot, we have a new exchange student in class and I want you

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No problem mate. It was pretty good.


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NP. I use to read it years back. Then found it again lol


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thanks to you :)


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love your Ash vore stories! should give another pokemon a good meal ;)


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I'd like to ask you something please


Posted by Joshua34 3 years ago Report

You!re welcom, buddy!


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Lol ikr? Thanks for the appreciation!


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No problem~! It's one of the best stories I read on here and reminds me that we need more pred Goku stuff :D

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No problem

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