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Palutena licked wario’s cheek once more and tugged on his purple overalls. She booped his taffy pink colored nose and squeezed it. The yellow hated treasure hunter squealed like a fat pig. Palutena licked her lips, squeezed the toned arm of wario and pinched it. Wario yelped loudly in pain.
“Waaah” Wario cried out once more and squinted at palutena. His eyes twitched as he began to lose focus on the goddess. Palutena undid samus’s shackles as she knew that Samus was to

now plumber!” Palutena taunted mario by waving Link’s master
sword at him, “You’re about to become what you work with the most
and it’s not the koopas that I’m talking about.” Palutena
rushed towards him using levitation to keep herself and her belly
afloat from the stage. As she thrust out her staff to damage the
plumber, mario did a backflip and backed away from her. He fired a
few fire balls to keep her at bay, but by using reflects the fire
balls went back to him. Mar

“Miss Haruna, don’t you think this a little extreme?” David lowered his head in fear, trembling as he turned away from his loli mistress whose attitude was in asour mood from the problem before her. With hands on her hips and lips pursed, she stepped forward with her right foot placed in front. Her chest puffed out as she wore a blue spaghetti strapped shirt and white fluffy skirt. Her midnight black hair flowed down to her hips and she blew out a strand from her eyes.

The hyrulian warrior charged forward and swung his blade towards palutena. He aimed for her neck, intending to incapacitate or even knock her off the stage. Palutena leaned back impressed at his resolve.
I can see how serious he is. That blonde hair, muscular broad shoulders, and those forearms. Palutena always wondered why princess Zelda chose link to be her knight in shining armor. Why she waited countless hours and days locked in a castle or dungeon. Why she even paid Ganond

Hmmm. The voluptuous goddess was in a deep train of thought as she sprawled her body out across a velvet couch. Her lips were perched and her eyes were glanced across the room from character to character. She felt something inside stirring within the pit of her stomach.
Each of them were powerful beings. So strong and fierce in strength that they were all brought together in a giant tourney, forced by others to attack each other like pawns on a chess board.
However, the feelin

tiny imp of a pervert was on his way to become even smaller. For far
too long, his carnal desires had been his very being of getting to
U.A. All he had wanted to do was meet pretty ladies and engage in
sexual acts of all kinds. From spying on the girls of Class 1-A, to
looking up their skirts, and even stealing some of their gym clothes.
There was nothing that Mineta wouldn't do to see the bodies of the
other schoolgirls.
heard midoriya conversing with the well endowed mechanic known as

of her divine belly, villagers were digested in hot and bubbling
stomach acid and forced into palutena’s never-ending intestines and
body. The villagers were quite filling and calorie-rich. She would
have loved to have made a dinner or 5-course meal from her villagers.
dreamed on dipping them in guacamole or a salsa and gulping them down
with ease. Slathering the screaming and desperate women in honey and
syrup, the strong and burly men reduced to pathetic beggars in ranch

waited behind the tall oak wood trees covered in darkness. She
frowned her freckled face as her carnal red eyes observed the area
for any prey. It was around that time again, and she wasn’t getting
any younger. She didn’t age at all for she was in a young and
healthy body. Astrid was 21 forever and loved every moment.
golden curly hair fell to her bare shoulders as she looked over her
appearance once more. She wore a scarlet vampire corset and dress
with black ribbons around her a

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I finished my first request. It was pretty fun to do but it took a while. That's just how it is. If anyone else has a request feel free to pm me, but I'll choose whether or not to do it. No guarantees. I'll do a request in exchange for artwork, money, steam games etc

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