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More pred than prey.

Also, nerdy.

(Almost) All of my stories are both uploaded here and posted on Tumblr- you can find my updates blog here. A few are Patreon-only- so don't forget to swing by there!

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Predly Preddington: Polite Predator

A Vore Day Tale

Curio Heart

Oh, hello there! Please, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Predly Preddington- formal fossa, polite predator, and connoisseur of living meals.

I’m terribly sorry to be interrupting your d

Red Sea

Commissioned by vampirkacz

Curio Heart

From the second floor of Darren's Pines, Hawksford's only inn, a pair of light yellow eyes peered out through one of its private rooms' windows. They looked out at the sky through the easterly window; though it was still dusk, it no longer seemed to be from this side of the i





Erin sighed happily as she looked at the steam rising from the half-open hot tub, enjoying the soft plink of raindrops on the porch’s metal roof. Slightly cool with a light rain; it was a perfect evening for a dip in

Sisters for Rae

Commission for max123

Curio Heart

Pulling into the parking lot, Sal checked the time. He was running a couple of minutes late, and he was glad he’d called to let them know a little while ago. He parked his truck as close to the doors as possible before getting out, quickly double-checking all of its


Curio Heart

Four pairs of eyes stared at the pod, a little shorter than two and a half meters and just under a meter wide. Though the half-length clear plating was frosted over, they could make out a bluish-green and white shirt covering ash-gray skin.

"How does this thing have power?" Devon wondered a

A Shitty Mother

Request by selfrog

Curio Heart

Reading glasses perched on her nose, Eve lounged on her recliner with her feet tucked under her as she read. Her book was spread out across her massive mammories, held up by her forearms as they rested, fingers entwined, on top of her pillowed bosom.


Curio Heart


"... been told that the announcement will start shortly. We have no idea what it's about or who's making it- no networks that we've been in contact with have received a source for the announcement. Every major network across the globe..."


Curio Heart

With a sigh, I plop down into a seat, right at the end of the last car on the train- my favorite spot. I'm tired and in desperate need to be off of my feet for a while after spending the last ten hours on my feet. Don't get me wrong- I love my job. It


, however, be nice to sit down for mor

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Since this week apparently comes with a bit of a promo, I went ahead an opted in to Smashword's Read An Ebook Week. As such, Loss will be available for free for the rest of this week!

Disclaimer: Loss is a non-vore story describing how an alien arrived on earth, while (hopefully) bringing in a bit more outside interest to the series.

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