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More pred than prey.

Also, nerdy.

Unless otherwise specified, all characters and and some species that I write about are either OCs of mine or my fiancé's.

All of my stories are both uploaded here and posted on Tumblr- my Non-Vore stories can be found at Curio's Fables, and my Vore stories are found at Fiendish Foibles. Not all stories are always shared between the sites, though they often are right now.

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With a grunt, I feel my consciousness returning to me; I realize after a second or two that I'm laying face down on the ground. I'm not sure how long I'd been laying there, let alone how I got there in the first place.

My right forearm tenses as I test some of my muscles, curling my fingers around grass. It's wet and sticky, and I'm not sure why.

I open my eyes.

Dr. Bassat stood in an observation room, looking at the distinctly feminine machine on the table before him. Its skin was a uniform titanium silver, offset only by the braided iron coils of its dread-like hair. It looked peaceful right now, but he knew better than that.

It had been laying in this isolated chamber in his facility for nearly two weeks now, and nobody had been able to figure out who- or what- had built it. So far, nothing t

"Hokay, Vik- you can do this." The four-armed Indian let out a sigh as they tried to talk themselves into approaching the tall blonde in front of them. It wasn't working particularly well.


their mind screamed as they realized the woman was looking right at them. Instinctively, they looked down at their shirt, quickly fixing it before looking back up.

groaned a bit as they woke up, tangled up in their bed, and squeezed
their eyes shut. Their head was pounding from the night before, and
they did not want to be awake right now.
A snore coming someone next to them, however, reminded them that
they still had guests. With another groan, they started to get up-
only to realize that their arms were under someone.
Well, three someones.
With a sigh, Vikali finally forced their eyes open to look at the
other occupants of the bed, only to immedia

through the woods, the man had to remind himself not to look back. He
could hear the loud CRACK of splintering wood behind him,
followed by another and the sound of trees falling. He'd heard the
rumors of the giant werewolf that hunted in these woods, and like so
many others, he hadn't believed them.
The creature that was after him was truly mountainous, he thought
as he shot between two large trees. Seconds later, he heard both of
the five-foot trunks splinter behind him. The sound of

Eliae lounged across her great, horned
throne as she often did when she needed some time to think. Hooves
crossed, the demoness' knees were draped over one of the arms, dark
skin glowing softly in the moonlight, yet still a silhouette against
the radiant silver of her throne.
The throne itself was truly a masterpiece, appearing to be
fashioned after the horns of some great beast. Each of the seven
great horns rising from the back stood nearly straight; they only
began to curve towards to top of

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Hey, guys-

Sorry for my intermittent silence so far!

I really am trying to get stories out, and I have some ideas that I'm mulling over regarding what to put out next. However, that's on hold for a bit as I work on a side-project to try to help me out later on down the road. I'll drop word again (or just post a story) once I'm done with it.


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