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More pred than prey.

Also, nerdy.

Like, seriously- I could debate programming all day (but please don't make me).

Unless otherwise specified, all characters and and some species that I write about are either OCs of mine or my fiancé's.

All of my stories are both uploaded here and posted on Tumblr- my Non-Vore stories can be found here, and my Vore stories are found here. In many cases, my Tumblr will be updated before I upload them here, though it may also happen the same day.

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groaned a bit as they woke up, tangled up in their bed, and squeezed
their eyes shut. Their head was pounding from the night before, and
they did not want to be awake right now.
A snore coming someone next to them, however, reminded them that
they still had guests. With another groan, they started to get up-
only to realize that their arms were under someone.
Well, three someones.
With a sigh, Vikali finally forced their eyes open to look at the
other occupants of the bed, only to immedia

through the woods, the man had to remind himself not to look back. He
could hear the loud CRACK of splintering wood behind him,
followed by another and the sound of trees falling. He'd heard the
rumors of the giant werewolf that hunted in these woods, and like so
many others, he hadn't believed them.
The creature that was after him was truly mountainous, he thought
as he shot between two large trees. Seconds later, he heard both of
the five-foot trunks splinter behind him. The sound of

Eliae lounged across her great, horned
throne as she often did when she needed some time to think. Hooves
crossed, the demoness' knees were draped over one of the arms, dark
skin glowing softly in the moonlight, yet still a silhouette against
the radiant silver of her throne.
The throne itself was truly a masterpiece, appearing to be
fashioned after the horns of some great beast. Each of the seven
great horns rising from the back stood nearly straight; they only
began to curve towards to top of

through space aboard Tzek'riv's ship, Lleika looked at herself
sideways in the mirror before her, which had been installed at her
request. She was focused on spotting all of the ways in which her
body had changed over the past two months. Her eating habits had
certainly changed since she and Tzek'riv met, and it was showing.
None of her clothes were fitting properly anymore- her favorite
bodysuit could no longer even zip up all the way because she'd gone
up at least a cup size or two, a

let out a bored sigh, resting all four of her slender arms on her
knees. She'd been out here in the park for over an hour, waiting for
someone to catch her interest. So far, this was not working out well.
Reaching down to her backpack with one hand, she scooped up an
apple and tossed it in her mouth, swallowing without chewing once.
"Freak!" someone called out as they biked by. Initially,
she scowled at them, but the expression quickly switched to a slight
smirk, an idea now pla

Eli's eyes narrowed to thin slits. "What
did you say?" she demands of you.
You get the distinct feeling that she's giving you time to
reconsider your answer- and from everything you've heard about her,
this doesn't happen often.
["I said," you repeat slowly, "that I wasn't going
to do it."]
Eli nodded once, a malicious smirk forming upon her lips. "Wrong
answer, [boy]."
Rising from her throne, she casually, almost lazily raises one
adorned hand towards you

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Hey, everyone!

I finally got my shit together and updated (most of) the stories I've uploaded so far. Having the title and my name both on the item and in the document felt exceedingly redundant to me, so I scrubbed them off of those files (for now).

I also finally uploaded my next story; hopefully there won't be this long of a gap between posts until after my next semester of school starts up.

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