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Just a cool dude who likes vore, writing, and writing vore. Always looking to improve, so don't be scared to comment. I got twitter, if you feel like chatting or something hit me up there, it'll work better than the PM system here.
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“This is it.” Brian says under his breath, happy as can be. “I’ve finally found it. All the trials and avoiding being eaten so many times, all for this.”

Brain walks boldly into the cave, the ceiling dripping loudly, alongside large stalactites hanging throughout the cave.

Brain unfurls his crusty old map, and uses it to traverse the cave.

“Let’s see, left is a dead end, right is

All Characters are 18+

“Mia! C’mon, the train’s gonna leave soon!” Logan yells impatiently from across the train station.

“I’m coming!” Mia yells back, not coming. “I gotta get my ticket, but
is taking their time.”

The attendant printing her ticket glares at her, but says nothing as it slowly prints.

“Hey Kaitlin.” A small goblin merchant says from inside a covered wagon.

“Yes Iris?” The large blonde, busty centaur asks, walking over to the front of the wagon to talk to who is presumably Iris.

“Where did the shipment go?” Iris asks, not accusing her of anything at all.

“Uhh, I dunno. Did you lose it? Was it stolen?” Kaitlin says, absolutely accusing Iris of something.

Adrian walks up to The Monster’s Cave, the brothel he’d heard so many hushed rumors about. He looks down at the map he had written on a napkin, and says, “This is the place.”

He walks up to the catgirl sitting outside the door, and says, “Hey.”

“Oh, hi, nya!” She thinks for a moment, before saying, “I get the feeling you know what’s up here, huh?”


Ben and Roxxy keep heading towards Roxxy’s room, or should I say their room now? While they’re walking, Roxxy lowers herself a bit so she can hold Ben’s hand. Ben is a little surprised, but he quickly grabs her hand back and gives it a little squeeze. Roxxy smiles at him and Ben smiles back, her face radiating happiness.

Then, they turn a corner and Ben bumps into another stomach, though this one isn’t full.


Ben finally starts to get feeling back in his body, starting with his fingers and toes. He’s just been numb this whole time, but his fingers start to tingle like they’ve just fallen asleep. Then, he can make them twitch. Soon enough he’s clenching and unclenching his hand, when Roxxy slithers over and says, “Are you okay baby? I’m sorry I was so smothering, I’ve come around and realized what happened, why you ran. I’m sorry, regardless. Once you can talk

Lucas is finally allowed to stand up and get dressed, Emma watching the entire time.

“Hey, pet, I just realized I don’t know your name. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just gonna call you pet, or slave, but I’m curious.”

“Lucas.” He says, not in the mood for talking.

“Lucas, what a name, slave. We’re gonna have a lot of fun together, Lucas.” Emma says, undressing

Benjamin has been in Roxxy’s stomach for almost a day now. It doesn’t hurt right now, in fact it hasn’t hurt for a while now, and Ben’s not sure why. It hurt for a long while, his skin is raw and still in pain, his eyes burn as well.
Can she just turn off her digestion? I think I read some monster girls can do that, but why would she? I’m just food now. It’s been like a day, I can barely breathe.


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My views are a little past that now, but I caught a screenshot of it being 2222. I'm so happy I'm gathering a following only like five days after I posted my first story. I super appreciate everyone who has watched, and know the stories aren't stopping anytime soon. I'm gonna post part two of Sticky Situation after this blog post, and hope to finish another chapter of Monster's Den later tonight. I'm not the best writer, but I enjoy what I do and I hope other people do too. I have like 11 watchers right now and I couldn't appreciate it more if I tried. I have reached max appreciation. Thank you all! B)

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I just love your stories^^ keep it up!


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Thanks for the return watch. Your stories have a very compelling dynamic between the preds and the men. Content with really extreme dommes is rarer than you might think in a fetish about domination and literal fucking murder, lol. Very excited to see what else you come up with. Chastity was a fantastic idea.


Posted by Granddragalia 3 months ago Report

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You're welcome :)


Posted by Fumika 3 months ago Report

Welcome to the forum. Thanks for watching me.

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