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are Magnificent Creatures
spray and hair gel invaded the mountain air in alternating puffs over
Toby’s spiky black head and sweating tan neck. Hunched on a
mushroomed stump in the light shade beside a glasswater spring, the
29 year old car salesman fiddled with his signal-less cell phone as
though touching it could make him feel at least a little less out of
place. His girlfriend had dragged him off camping plenty of times,
but always to well established grounds always (a

Rare Treat
cursed as the machete slipped from her hands and clattered down the
rocky slope into the thick brambles below. She knew to always
sheathe her blade while climbing, but with the bluff’s peak so near
she let impatience get the better of her. For a moment, she
considered clambering back down to retrieve the precious thing, but
she doubted she could the thick wall of thorns without it. It hardly
mattered, anyway, she had seen plenty of smoke from just ahead.
Though it

adjusted the strap of her bikini bottom uncomfortably. It was fine,
she chided herself. Sure, she felt just as naked as she had in the
shower an hour ago, but that was normal. Wasn’t it? It must be.
A pair of women only a little younger than her—college age, by the
looks of them—had strutted by only moments ago wrapped in thin
straps far more revealing than Holly’s fruity orange swimsuit. If
they could do it, then so could she! Brushing stray strands of

Golem of Half-Table Hill
by braziers that crackled around their low chanting, seven druids
gathered on the barren hilltop. Moonlight reflected off their
powdered pale bodies and their swirling patterns of woad as they
writhed and twisted in communion with the goddess of the earth.
Pressing their ears to the ground, lapping at the dirt, etching runes
into the soil with their thumbs, they mumbled their dissonant ritual.
the side, Ceana lay supine upon a stone tablet at the p

Habits of Temperate Harpies
almost all corners of the world, harpies count among the most loathed
of the bestial races. Obligate thieves and marauders, they make
their living raiding and pilfering along the fringes of civilized
societies. Humanoid in size and shape, harpies differ from their
primate counterparts by their avian features. Most notably, their
arms each extend into broad wings each twice the length of a human
arm with scaly claws protruding from the crooks in the

a crooked column of moonlit coal fumes, the cargo ship Eurayle slid
through the calm waters of the eastern sea weary with travel and
glutted with cargo. Swaddled in cast iron, the vessel’s principle
hold sat laden with all manner of crate and container. Innumerable
sizes and shapes fitted miraculously together behind bursting meshes
of thick rope, leaving only narrow causeways between them. Sacks and
barrels hung in layered nets on the walls and ceiling, all fixed

ranger knelt at the pebbled bank of the stream. Shallow, chilly
water dampened the frayed fringes of his faded green cloak. Cupping
his gnarled hands, he splashed clear water over his shaggy face,
rubbing away the worst of the grime.
branch snapped, and he whirled nearly fast enough to tumble, grasping
the hilt of his sword. Relieved, he saw not a bloodthirsty orc
charging from the brush, but rather the white tail of a deer bounding
away in surprise. Five days deep

Terthwip’s Peacock
with dazzling colors dancing in the refraction of summer’s noon
sun, the royal gardens typically calmed Olvara’s spirits, but today
her scalp sweated over more than the air-wobbling head. Lady
Terthwip, esteemed mistress of the house, walked beside her with an
uncharacteristic smile on her grim-lined face. Garbed in a sunrise
orange riding dress, the Lady stood a head taller than the adolescent
Olvara, whose faded green work shirt marked her as a pal

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You're probably sick of being asked this, but the reasoning isn't anywhere I can see. Why'd you take down the were stories?


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You deletd most of your writing?


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Oh, your back! :3


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No problem. Your work is enjoyable.

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I liked the mongoose vore. Bring it back!


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Thank you for the watch! :) I appreciate it.


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Welcome Back .


Posted by voreluver 5 years ago Report

Doing any more of the Mary stories?


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Thank you for the favorites. =)


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Nice to see some good avian predators at last. I be watching you, good sir.


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Your w elcome :D


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Glad to see your around Grick.

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