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CW: Farting, Wedgies, Breastplay, Armpit stuff, lots of sweat, clothing TF, diaper TF, diaper wetting and diaper messing, etc. Reader Discretion Advised
    Nikki kept her eyes shut, facing the ceiling above her bed. She was awake but god she wished she wasn't. Every waking moment for her was the same, day in and day out. Her only reprieve was the times when she could sneak out of the house for work or shopping. At nearly all other times... "Good morning sis~!" An overly bubbly and che

   Flop, schlop, plop, schlop, flop, schlop, plop, schlop, flop, schlop, plop, schlop... Those were the only three noises made by a wandering woman... her figure was quite noticeable via the outline of her dark brown cloak, though her looks were completely unseen due to it's long length. Rain poured around her, making her quicken her steps as she attempted to avoid getting wet. She groans and gently rubs her stomach... she's been on the run for a few days now after having tried to

   Jed smirked as he looked between the different homes and establishments in the little town he'd come across. After the dragon clan had run him and his family out of their old "den", he'd decided to move on to hunt them down and get revenge, and likely take over their base as well. His pack had went a different way, leaving him on his own (something his mother was VERY worried about), and while he was constantly thinking about which places he should fumigate with his gas and make int

   Large foot steps echoed around the dark stone canyon... one of the most dangerous places in all of Eldagrandacia. In this game world, many people tried to steer clear of this location, due to rumors of bosses roaming around. As a dragon, however, Luxi had nothing to fear. His large, scaled feet left large foot prints in the rock, his claws ensuring he received no harm. He wore heavy plate armor, black in color, and carried with him a golden pike with a point in the shape of a flame,

   Mallory smirked as she entered a new chocolate factory that opened up in town. She'd spent the past two days snacking on chocolate from this place when she saw something on the bottom of the package; "If you are dissatisfied with your product, simply come to the factory and we will make you a free custom order." She couldn't have been happier with the idea of getting free chocolate, and since they didn't specify how big it could be, she had a plan to get a great order! As she walked

   Clay grunted as fire erupted from the tip of his wand, turning a nearby tree to a smoldering pile of ash. He panted heavily when his spell stopped, and flopped onto his back. His mother had offered him a ticket to a popular magical tournament in a nearby kingdom, though he had to raise his magic skills to the level of incinerating a tree in one go to even enter! Considering his... unique... relationship with his mom, he wanted to prove he was worthy of the ticket, as well as possibl

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LewdManaphantasy's Blog - Still here! Posted 3 months ago

Long time no speak

First off, thank you for all of the watches and faves you've given! I should definitely be posting here more, but I've just... not been? TBH, I don't really know why, I just haven't been.

I do have some news on stuff though! I've been working on a comic (though I've been having some trouble with it), and I'm starting to make some headway with it! In addition, I've opened up commissions, and will be posting the com sheet here shortly!

Back on topic with the comic, though; I'll be posting it as pages are finished over on my furaffinity (I'll be posting them with my username as one of the tags to make finding me easier, I really don't like my old user name and as such, I don't want to type it out. I'll be changing it the second FA...
[ Continued ... ]

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