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Why pink? Pink is the color of a stomach.

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Spyro will always be awesome for me. My favorite was the "Legend of Spyro" Series since it wasn't a collectathon It also introduced Cynder, who is amazing by the way. And I'm currently writing a dark fanfic right now. Wont post it here since it isn't anything fetishy or whatever. But I've been wanting to do an RP where Spyro goes dark for a while now, and nobody ever capitalized on it, so I decided to write the story out anyway. Not sure where I'll post the finished product or if I'll post it at all, but you know, i'm working on it. 4 chapters done so far.

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Posted by HisashiHinata 1 month ago

Thanks for the fave! :3


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Thanks for watching me c:


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thank for fav


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Thanks for the fave, pal.


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Hey bud


Posted by TrainKay 1 year ago

Thanks for the fave, pal.


Posted by AugustBebel 1 year ago

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Simple? It depends on how simple and idea. Send me PM.


Posted by Anonymite 1 year ago

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Actually, he's taken suggestions. Like he did with me. Send him a PM and he might put it on the list.


Posted by SuperRainbowDash1879 1 year ago

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I am not going to skype with someone i don't know, who makes a big deal about pony porn.

But i can do an Rp if you want?

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