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Hello! I mostly write Willing pony vore stories, though I'm always willing to branch out a little. Enjoy, and please leave comments saying what you liked, what you didn't like, and how I can improve as a writer!

I'm currently co-writing a vote-driven Vore story called Dusty's Trails with my very good friend  Cainiam. All chapters available here: http://aryion.com/g4/view/294508

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Queen Chrysalis, first of her name, highest of the Changelings, greatest of the shapeshifters, Hive-Mother of the Cimicidae Swarm, she who conquered Timbucktu and Canterlot… really did not want to be here.
She looked around the room again, as if hoping new details had grown out of the cheap carpet and cheaper paint on the walls since last she’d looked. It was a barely-decorated waiting room in the front of a warehouse in Las Pegasus, with a cheap table set up facing the cheap chairs

“C’mon Spike, just hold still! I need this, and you can have all the gems you want after!”

Pinkie Pie’s hoof stopped an inch from knocking on the library’s door, and she blinked. She’d originally pronked over to Twilight’s Treebrary because nopony had seen her for about a week, and she wanted to make sure she was okay with some ‘You haven’t left your house in a week and you’re probably malnourished so eat these&

“15… 16…
17… Ah, 18.” The brown Unicorn knocked on the motel room door,
then waited. She could hear a television playing inside, and a bit of
movement after she knocked, but nothing immediate. Turning and
pulling her arms close in the bright green hoodie, she looked out
over the railing, at the light forest surrounding the buildings.
It was a very
normal-looking motel, really. Not a particularly large one, but it
didn’t really make sense for it to be. It was a ways off the

The wrench made a
solid metal ‘clank’ as Sundial dropped it on her workbench. She’d
been working on her latest device for the past four months, since
she’d had an incredibly exciting dream that inspired it. Stepping
back, she examined her creation.
Standing in the
center of her workshop was what could only be described as a
clockwork pegasus. Solid brass hooves hooked onto a complex leg
system, hooking into a camshaft in the body, while more supports
connected the ends to a spine and mor

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(This is originally written for the Dusty's Trails public Discord server, hence some of the minor formatting weirdness.)

Hey there @everyone, Vraddock here. You should all know me as one of the two co-writers of Dusty’s Trails, alongside Cainiam. I’ll be announcing this solo, though this is a decision and announcement from both of our metaphorical desks.

Some of you may have suspected this already, but DT is now officially on indefinite hiatus. This means no new chapters or bad ends for the foreseeable future, although characters from DT will remain as available as they ever were in RPs, fan works, et cetera. All released chapters will remain available in the same state as before, and absolutely nothing is going anywhere. In essence, everything is frozen; just as...
[ Continued ... ]

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Hey thanks for the watch!


Posted by WorkInProgress 1 year ago Report

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I'm gonna wait a little, see how this most recent story does, but right now, that's the plan, yah. Hopefully won't be another 2 year gap between stories ^~^


Posted by WorkInProgress 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by sevensix 2 years ago Report

Good to see The Autumn Harvest Festival back.


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Thanks for the watch. <3


Posted by AlbanyExpression 2 years ago Report

Wow awesome, you were one of the first authors to get me into disposal, so thanks very much for the watch and fave!

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Posted by sevensix 3 years ago Report

The Autumn Harvest Festival having been hidden, will you make a blog post to link to the Fimfiction copy?


Posted by Darkworkz 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the fave!


Posted by Darkworkz 4 years ago Report

Steampunk Senpai! Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you so much for the watch!


Posted by eatmeplease 4 years ago Report

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You're welcome!

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Posted by sevensix 4 years ago Report

Any particular reason you post some stories on some sites and other stories on others? Most of your stuff is here, and most of your pony stuff is on Fimfiction, but Feast of Victory is only on Fimfiction and not here; and you only have four stories on Furaffinity.


Posted by LightSpeed 5 years ago Report

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You're welcome. ^^ Am considering asking about a story commission in the near future. ^^

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