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Wishing I had come up with a better name.

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How could someone possibly be this bad at writing directions? Zach only had himself to blame for not looking at them before leaving. His roommate had set him up on a blind date. One that Zach was unsure he would ever find. He actually wrote “The diner with the red chairs and cute waitresses”. He didn’t even include the fucking name. On top of that he wasn’t picking up his phone.


A grand battle was taking place. Truly a struggle so intense it would be remembered for generations. Julie struggling to get her black yoga pants over her massive ass. Each check wobbling violently, threatening to tear her pants asunder. She carefully squeezed the mounds of fat into the overstretched nylon. Gently wigging her hips in bit by bit. Finally getting them around her waist Julie looked back at the mirror.

Halloween was Suzy’s favorite time of the year. Nobody stared or pointed, and guys even flirted with her without being intimidated by her appearance. All thanks to the costume she wore every year. Being a centaur in a mostly human city wasn’t always the easiest for Suzy. Constant battles with her own weight didn’t help with her confidence either. Her large, black haired horse half was still jiggling with some of the fat from her last inc

 “Hey my loving fans, it’s Kitty Tam Tam here for your viewing pleasure. We got a real treat for you guys tonight.”
 Viewers watched as Kitty Tam Tam excitedly wiggle her massive tits for the camera. Her tease show had gained quite a lot of followers. Her pink hair done up in braided tails, coupled with her porn star physique made her streaming show very popular. She claimed to be a neko, but her pink cat ears and tail were obviously fake. No one really cared about that t

Ethan sighed as he prepared himself for another day at work. His boss told him he would be training in someone new. Apparently his exemplary work ethic was being rewarded with a promotion. Normally this would be a good thing. Then again, normal people don’t work sanitation at anomaly containment center 53. When your job is cleaning up after tests on aliens, extra dimensional beings, and whatever else you can think of, a promotion usually ends up be

“We should do something, right?” Jen looked to Madison hoping she would have the answer.

Fine, I think. I mean, it’s not like she’s in any real danger. We gave Eddy like, 30 antacid pills. So she should be fine.”

If front of Madison, Jen, Lena, and Riley sat their friend Eddy, who was in a drunken comatose. Her square glasses barley hung from her

A loud and ominous sound rumbled beneath her, like a guttural groan from some sort of monster. Suzy worried greatly anytime this awful noise reared its ugly head. It meant she was hungry. The centaur had been trying desperately to lose weight. Anytime she made any headway, her appetite got in the way. She’d been doing much better though. Her horse half still looked gargantuan, but she had lost 50 pounds recently. That and, it had been at least a mon

Bethany sat down nude on the couch of her dorm. Still not quite sure if she liked the idea she had come up with for her roommate’s birthday. Feeling nervous she turned on her game console and started eating the snacks she had grabbed from the kitchen. Laura wouldn’t be back from her test for another hour, and Trish hopefully wouldn’t wake till Bethany was done giving Laura her “present”.

Bethany was a boar girl and it really showed in her ap

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