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(Transcribed anonymously by an attendee)


“Imagine for a second that you are trapped. All around you is darkness. You cannot move, you cannot see. Terrifying, isn’t it? The only thing you are sure of is that, wherever you are, there is no getting out. For you, there is no end, except for when you finally succumb to hysteria, and pass out from the shock.

But wh

Jasmine’s Helpless Prey

By Bearboy95

It worked, it actually worked!

Jasmine thought to herself, indulging in her racing heartbeat and the butterflies in her stomach. Leaning over her dresser, she stared at a shoebox in which her prey slept soundly - a nineteen year old boy, Chris. Ever since Jasmine’s first day of college, in her Rena

By My Best Friend’s Sister Part 2
underage soft vore and some mild sexual content)
Macro/Micro, soft vore)
I woke up laying on
a bed. Sitting up, I felt a wave of drowsiness hit me. “What
happened?” I said to myself. As I said this, memories flooded into
my head. Julie standing over me. The nauseous feeling of shrinking.
Falling into her warm mouth, and then being swallowed alive.
my head, I chuckled to myself, “There’s no way that actually

Eaten by My Best Friend’s Sister
by Bearboy95
(Contains underage soft vore, some foot fetish, and a little bit of
sexual content)
(F/M underage Macro/Micro)
remember, she needs to have all her homework done and be in bed by
nine o’clock. There is spaghetti and sauce in the cupboard above
the stove, and some soda in the fridge. Chris’s Xbox is in the
living room, so you are welcome to play some games while Julie does
her homework.”
Cart continued explaining the house rules as

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It is here! Thank you all for your patience. I know this took a while to get here, but I didn't know how I wanted to proceed with the story. Hope you all like it! You can find it in the "Work to be shared" forum or in my gallery :D

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Posted by THExDARKxSANDMAN 4 years ago

Hey, i was just wondering if we can expect any more stories from you :D no pressure i just enjoy your Writing style

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