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Smoke trailed upward into the deep blue night sky, curling tightly around the cool air. Masuko watched it drift further and further away before it dissipated completely. She blinked slowly, letting the high cloud her mind. Staring up even further she saw the twinkling vastness of space before her.
She pondered that, somewhere out there, there had to be a place better than where she was.
The sound of giggling drew Masuko’s attention to a gaggle of college-aged girls on the other side of the

Light. Harsh white light flooded Moxie’s vision. It was blinding as her eyes desperately tried to adjust from the darkness that surrounded them previously. Finally, she gave up fighting to keep them open, and started blinking furiously.
“Sorry for the lights. Lab lighting can be so intense on the senses.” A voice smooth as silk said.
As her vision cleared with each blink Moxie could make out a figure sitting across from her. Long locks of flowing golden hair framed hazel eyes

Love and romance is often a complicated and messy affair.
Let’s take the case of Zach Evans and his girlfriend Marley Reeves. Everything started all well and good but about 2 years in the incident happened changing the course of their relationship forever.
See Marley worked as a research assistant at a bleeding edge bioengineering lab. The pay was phenomenal and the work they were doing was guaranteed to change the world. Unfortunately due to the important nature of the work done there, m

“It’s over Adachi-san…” Yu said standing over the beaten detective with his sword shoved in his face.

The whole investigation team crowded around him, all glowering down at him. Adachi couldn’t bother to stare at all their faces, as his eyes were locked on the pulsating red and black sky of the TV world.

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Well as I have no job for the foreseeable future, I'm just gonna pour my time into writing smut! Also that thing about donating to my Kofi still stands, I wish I knew how to mod this page so there's a button on my profile but, ah well I'll just post the link again Talk to y'all later!

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Thank you too! Your stories are awesome~


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Thank you so much for the watch!~


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No prob :3


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You're welcome!


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Thanks a lot for the watch! :) I appreciate it!

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