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Welcome, may I take your order. Here is your complementary bottle of cooking oil. Feel free to spray it on any women you find in this club. It is an all you can eat buffet and the women are eager to fill your belly. Enjoy your stay and we have mint ice cream to soothe your stomach when your done.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fetish fantasy and should not be performed in real life. Women are beautiful and intelligent human beings. They should not treated as prey as depicted in all these works. This is a crazy fetish that doesn't make any sense in real life but it can be very sexual. That is all I have to say and enjoy the show.

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Airport Breakfast

By Sirvoresalot

I just got off my flight arriving in Spain. I am here for a business proposal so I have my sexiest dress on. It is a light blue number with a low cut skirt. I am so hungry for some breakfast after the long flight. I see a Breakfast sandwich shop and their sandwiches smell fantastic. I buy a McArnold biscuit and sit down with my meal. I sit at one of the airports raised seats leaving my feet


Alien Butt Monster

Two girls are walking down the street in a quiet suburb. Both are gorgeous and talking about the burgers they ate at their local burger shop. One is blonde while the other is brunette. They are wearing plaid school girl outfits that show off their white panties. They have tight butts that sway from side to side as they walk.

a Peak
she was laying down on her bed. She was so cute with her nightgown
and pink panties on. She was in a deep sleep as I thought to myself.
Her name was Jennifer and she was my roommate. I have been living
with her for quite some time now. I always admired her and enjoyed
her soft juicy butt. I keep to myself while she usually went out and
got wasted from the bar. But every so often I would get a perfect
night like this where she is lying down on her bell

I was sitting in a custom vore potty inside this lingerie store. It
is quite comfortable actually, very flexible. I have this strange
compulsion to just fucking devour women whole. Nothing excites me
more then a belly stuffed full of gorgeous women. They also add so
much meat to my boobs and buttocks. I could just eat them outright
but where's the fun in that. I love the pounce it always gets them.
I should be quiet a girl just walked in. Oh a red head,

a Anal Piggy
scene starts with a voluptuous naked young women standing in the
middle of her kitchen wearing nothing but a cooking apron. On her
dinner table is a women wearing fake pink pig ears and and a pink
lingerie set. She looks delicious with a juicy apple stuck in her
mouth. She seems obedient to the naked women and eager to enter her
master's stomach.
boys and girls, look at this sexy little thing I have in front of me.
I could just swallow her

was just getting ready to call it a night in her motel room. She was
a sexy little blonde girl that has been travelling to a local
modeling event. She was eighteen and incredibly young, sexy, and
was time for bed and she started undressing for the night. She took
off her tight jeans exposing her plump rump as they moved down her
legs. Her ass jiggled and bounced freely showing her panties stuffed
deep in her ass crack. She stuck her hand deep

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Sorry it has been awhile, I have to be in the "vore mood" to write something. Thanks to my fans. Enjoy the story.

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Thanks for the fav!


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thanks for the watch, SVA ;)


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Thanks for the watch, let me know if there is anything that you would like to see more of.


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Thank you for the watch.


Posted by maxpayne98 3 years ago Report

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I don't know how I couldn't be a fan, they're awesome stories


Posted by willerd321 3 years ago Report

W.I.T.C.H. - season 1. episode 1-2. - It Begins and It Resumes

on youtube

if you remember these 5 witchs your child hood was amazing


Posted by DoubleOSnake 4 years ago Report

Thanks for the fav! =D


Posted by CassyInko 4 years ago Report

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Thanks so much, im glad you enjoy the combination of vore and little mini descriptions that go along with it! So glad you enjoy Ryla! Ill certainly check out your stuff! ^_^


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Thanks for the watch!


Posted by Voraciousmoga 5 years ago Report

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yep everything can be viewed here [url][/url] and thank you ^^

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