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Hello. So, your curiousity has seen to it that you come and seek me out, has it? Well, i tell you know that if you are looking for art or stories, you will find no such thing here. i came to this site for rp purposes, and to get a closer look at some people i couldn't find anywhere else. my tastes are in soft vore, but i'm very soft; i don't like death or pain in my vore, so save your breath if you've come here on a crusade for the heavier fare. I DO write stories, but i doubt i'll post them here. if you want to see my work (and i've been told it's good), kindly redirect yourself to my FurAffinity acount, which shall be easy as i will kindly post a link for you: . thank you for stopping by, and if your interests in vore match mine, i would love an rp. good luck with work, regardless if i like it or not. As one of the founding fathers of the United States once said, "I may not agree with a word you say but i will defend to the death your right to say it."

~per obscuritas est pacem!

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It was a combination of things. Money was one reason, but in general it was unfortunately hit in my angry tidal wave towards certain artists as well as a guilt I feel towards others.While I would and still always consider bringing up my series again (I've never lost interest in seeing it continued, though now I prefer it by my hand) both money and a somewhat iffy attitude hinders me. Keeping to just working with Donutwish I enjoyed it, however not only do I feel I stopped talking with him on awkward if not bad terms, I feel reoccurring problems would surface involving payments via donations. Unfortunately money is loss during the transactions for the artist and there isn't much of a way around it. I feel a responsibility towards the fans to not make them pay extra for the "tax" paypal takes from the payments to complete the process when they already pay what the page cost. I find that once payment is sent to the artist it's on their part to deal with the tax( as paypal has it done), not the commissioner or fans as then we would all be sending money to get the amount above the price and the only ones who win are paypal and the artist. So hopefully you can understand the dilemma I have when dealing with commissions in general anymore.


Posted by thefacelessone 5 years ago Report

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Posted by Conn 6 years ago Report

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Apologies didn't see this message, shoot pm's if you like sure

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