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Katrika vore By Karbo -- Report

Uploaded: 12 years ago

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Katrika ate Trisha X3
In the stomach of the naga, any magic is absorbed, dramatically reducing the excape options for the poor mage ^^;

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Posted by Paradox 12 years ago Report

Nice, wonder if there are still escape options left fo the Mage... (I hope not :P ) ^^


Posted by PrinnyDood 12 years ago Report

Magnificent work! When will those little mages learn, you always use your magic to escape before you're eaten. I love how sticky poor Trisha looks, and her expression of dismay is just perfect. Katrika also looks great, and the way you only show the lower half of her face really works well, in my opinion. In summery: you sir, are nothing short of a genius.


Posted by SeruOmen 12 years ago Report

XD, sucks to be her!


Posted by RoTheHuman 12 years ago Report

wow, once again you have drawn one of the most amazing vore pictures ever!


Posted by Eka 12 years ago Report

Excellent work as usual; hope fizzles along with the spell.


Posted by Karbo 12 years ago Report

Glad you liked it ^_^


Posted by Kfox 12 years ago Report

O.o - Oh my god, karbo. that's a wonderful picture you did an amazing job with the shading.


Posted by Akram 12 years ago Report

The worst time for a staff to run out of charges >=3 Poor mage... It auto saved when she was in the belly :P (I like video games v.v)


Posted by hm10101 12 years ago Report

As always, Karbo, top notch. Your command of lighting and shadows is on proud display!


Posted by KaZe_DaRKWIND 12 years ago Report

there is a very easy and obvious escape route be digested and go otu the poop chute he he he never said it was an escape she'd survive lol


Posted by Umhuebr 4 years ago Report

Well,that's what happened to that poor girl


Posted by Duamutef 12 years ago Report

Yaaaaaaaaay! (That pretty much says it all)


Posted by Rufus 12 years ago Report

As much as I dislike Nagas I love your work. The technical skills are astounding and the humour in them is usually well done too and not too OTT. Great stuff


Posted by Karbo 12 years ago Report

Thank you :)


Posted by HeroSoulSword 12 years ago Report

I guess mages never learn, do they? Magic is not always the answer. Oh well, too bad for her. Great work, as always. Can't wait to see more.


Posted by High-Jinx 12 years ago Report


Posted by Green_Glutton 12 years ago Report

Nice job on this! I just love her stomach @[email protected] xD


Posted by Danni 12 years ago Report

As usual, Karbo, absolutely appealing. Another piece well done!


Posted by GGJ2 12 years ago Report

Wow, even magic is absorbed, inside a naga stomach... which make me wonder, what can't be digested...? D:>


Posted by rincewind 12 years ago Report


*I am not the food you are looking for*


Posted by Zoekin 12 years ago Report

Fantastic work Karbo.

I'm glad to see you're feeding Katrika well.


Posted by Ome 12 years ago Report

I don;t now why, but I reaaly like this picture. Maybe because you express alot of Katrika's emotion, in just the lower portion of her face.


Posted by RAHKSHI 12 years ago Report

karbo you can't beat rahkshi black mage bleh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh


Posted by legoman 11 years ago Report

well sucks to be her....i bet she was trying a teleport spell


Posted by Oujou 11 years ago Report

nice stomach shot! Very good detail! Damn, man, your art has once again blown me away


Posted by Oujou 11 years ago Report

nice stomach shot! Very good detail! Damn, man, your art has once again blown me away


Posted by naruto7568426 11 years ago Report

Wow! What a cute drawing. =3 I sure wish I could be that fairy. By the way, is that Anna?


Posted by Scaylid00d 10 years ago Report

I'm speechless :D
Those supple-looking breasts, the inside of that stomach... WOW!


Posted by OmnicidalZero 9 years ago Report

I'm kinda new to this site, and all across the vore community, I had heard the name "Karbo", but I hadn't seen any of his works or known what was so good about Karbo...but now, DAYUMMN! Your art skills are amazing!


Posted by vorefan12123 6 years ago Report

Amazing work here! I especially love the bottom frame with Katrika gently caressing her rumbling belly because I have a thing for female stomachs. X3


Posted by Kunni 10 months ago Report