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Random Encounter By SkyLark -- Report

Uploaded: 8 years ago

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So there's this cool guy called  Bitter , who recently became the same age as me. Turns out, he's making a game - Tales of the Mystic Wilds -

.. so I made this, in honour of it.

The screenshots for the 'gameview windows' show (mostly) actual graphics from the (now graphicly updated) game - and although I used F/F, Oral, Samesize vore for the purposes of this image, the game itself is open to and compatible with with just about every gender combination and vore type you can think of (and even a few you probably can't). In all, it's looking to be a very promising game, with literally something for everyone!

Want to know more about Bitters newest project?

What is ToMW?
Development Blog:

ToMW game, screens and graphics belong to Bitter (Taken from an Pre-Alpha release).
Artwork belongs to me.

Also a reminder ~ Keep it on Ekas ~ Please don't redistribute my work. Thank you.

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Posted by Redpod 8 years ago Report

je i want se that game jajxd


Posted by Lostman 8 years ago Report



Posted by Bitter 8 years ago Report



Posted by night22 8 years ago Report

I'm guessing it's your birthday then? Happy birthday Dude/Dudette! Good luck with the game and your special day!


Posted by KlinKitty 8 years ago Report

8D 8( )


Posted by massvore 8 years ago Report

Happy birthday to you


Posted by mephistoVII 8 years ago Report

Cute~ I like it!


Posted by StalkOBroccoli 8 years ago Report

this is fucking hilarious AND fantastic.
only thing i found visually unappealing was the fire.
it looked... rushed.
or im just being an ass. :I


Posted by davidtheotaku 8 years ago Report

lol it's lyina enverse's dragon flame attack from the slayers :D


Posted by Whitepieceofpaper 8 years ago Report

I am speechless! O.O
This whole comic is funny, clever, well-done, and extremely sexy! More games need a "vorarephilia" attack!
Love it! ^.^


Posted by KinoTheCat 8 years ago Report

That was absolutely adorable~ <3
I loved it. I thought the red girl had it till the green girl decided to use mind magic stuffs. :3 Wonderfully done <3


Posted by TW 8 years ago Report

This was awesome. Well done.


Posted by Svartvinge 8 years ago Report

aaah, so that's what you have been at all this time x3 it came out really nice, and i hope bitter likes it x3


Posted by TOBI 8 years ago Report



Posted by Manic_Maxwell 8 years ago Report

Suddenly inducing willing prey behavior...that's a fun concept to work with!
Quite a fun little series you've concocted here.


Posted by KamiKaze1337 8 years ago Report

XD very nice. I've gotta check out this game when it comes out. sounds a lot like Champions of Corruption, only with more of the stuff I'm into. XD


Posted by Argent_Sable 8 years ago Report

Question: On panel... 13, after the prey becomes willing, is she standing or kneeling? I think she's kneeling but I'm not sure.


Posted by SkyLark 8 years ago Report

Yes, she's literally on her knees ~ there's also a very conveniently placed coffee table (out of shot)there for her to kneel on.

What a magical world Bitter has created!


Posted by Gah 8 years ago Report

Neat sequence.

Glutton Power

Posted by Glutton Power 8 years ago Report

This is awesome


Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 8 years ago Report



Posted by Turbotowns 8 years ago Report

Oh My GAWD! This... is... AWESOME!!! XD


Posted by VixieMoondew 8 years ago Report



Posted by Bright 8 years ago Report

Hehe, nothing beats the graphics of imagination.


Posted by oddhis 8 years ago Report

Awsome! :D If the game is like this, I want it xD


Posted by Bob7177 8 years ago Report

Haha, thats awesome.


Posted by Liz 8 years ago Report

I haven't had a chance to look at the game but it looks like a lot of fun. I might have to look at once I get home.

Now as for the comic ... <3 <3 I love it, the style the colour, is very stylish to the game. I enjoyed how the comic played out. Though I would have enjoyed the checky red girl eatting the green girl. It works.

I like how you styled this to the game graphics style. Well done, one of my favourites of your work :)


Posted by GREGOLE 8 years ago Report

I love how the attack is *literally* a sudden case of vorarephelia. It's just such a pleasant way to end a fight.


Posted by Jaxed 8 years ago Report

That's some fancy tricks for a level 1.


Posted by Vitori 7 years ago Report

Love it.


Posted by B1izzardHawk 6 years ago Report

man, that's really nice in the panel where half her feet and toes are poking out, very nice job!


Posted by mawileluvergirl 4 years ago Report

beautiful... simply beautiful...


Posted by klatuk4u 2 years ago Report

To this day this is one of my favorite Vore pieces I have ever seen! Well done!