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Girls and the Snake II Page 04 By thebigbrap -- Report

Uploaded: 6 years ago

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Inserting Shameless plug~As seen Live on my Livestream channel: ~Shameless plug end

This page was brought you by, Dark_phoenix, thank you!

this series has been funded up to page 10 of 14 so only 4 pages left to go.

If you or a loved one you know would like to donate for any of the 4 remaining pages. just send me a PM with the header

"Girls and the Snake II funding campaign"

make sure to check your local listings for times and dates of future streams.

and as always, stay hungry my friends. -Brap

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Posted by SeekGr 6 years ago Report



Posted by ublover1 6 years ago Report



Posted by muncher 6 years ago Report

Awesome! Where can one see it if we cant tune in to the livestream?


Posted by thebigbrap 6 years ago Report

if you can't make it to the livestream, thats alright. I'll post them as I finish them here.


Posted by LowProfile 6 years ago Report


i've been looking forward to this for two months!


Posted by Masuo15 6 years ago Report

Wonderfull view!, this is beyond what I expected when I saw the preview. Thanks to you for daw this and to Dark_phoenix for it.

That crosshair on the camera XD. Im not sure if Im looking at a camera or a FPS.


Posted by Dark_phoenix 6 years ago Report

You are welcome


Posted by NekoYuki 6 years ago Report

Roughly, that's the funding left required to get the last 4 pages out? so we know just how far we have to shoot this arrow...


Posted by thebigbrap 6 years ago Report

each page is $100 so $400 left for the last 4 pages.


Posted by Dark_phoenix 5 years ago Report

2 pages left.


Posted by Kelly 5 years ago Report

Wow Nice Thanks :) You are awesome ^-^


Posted by Emperor_Palpatine 6 years ago Report

This is amazing! Can't wait for the rest of the pack!


Posted by KazuApollo 6 years ago Report

Will you be posting all the parts?


Posted by TheRenic 6 years ago Report

bout time another pic of this series showed up. Been hoping this would continue.


Posted by hongchina 6 years ago Report

Goodbye Maya, may we never see you again~


Posted by dethkruzer 5 years ago Report

I hope she survives this ordeal.


Posted by Sharktooth987 5 years ago Report

Wheres the rest?


Posted by bobbobson211 5 years ago Report

It's easy to lose interest in something that takes so long to release.


Posted by redsquallff8 5 years ago Report

ok ill start paying besides ill have to pay for a date with her


Posted by unholyman 5 years ago Report

How much is it a page?


Posted by Dumoras 5 years ago Report

I wonder how many people have stopped checking in because its been over HALF A YEAR! Is it coming out or is it not , are there legal issues? A little communication wouldn't hurt.


Posted by leoze 5 years ago Report

I want the continuation of this "comic".

Because i start to like so much.

Big D

Posted by Big D 5 years ago Report

Are you still continuing these?


Posted by Emperor_Palpatine 5 years ago Report

Is Girls and Snake II still continuing?


Posted by thebigbrap 5 years ago Report

yes it is


Posted by Emperor_Palpatine 5 years ago Report

Any idea when?


Posted by olddud 5 years ago Report

Man I hop we get more of this some day


Posted by enigmanigmatic 4 years ago Report

What happened to this project?


Posted by Hereforvore 4 years ago Report

So is this still a thing or did something come up? If so that's fine, just that it's been ages since any sort of thing about it


Posted by kuman2011 4 years ago Report

just waiting for the next pages


Posted by StyxxianArmada 4 years ago Report

So there only 4 pages left that need to be funded? you working on the other 6?


Posted by JustSomePrey 4 years ago Report

Been a year or so, guess we're not going to see if the two survived to have some more antics.


Posted by DoctorBirkin 4 years ago Report

When are you planning to upload more of this?
Some new infos would be nice.


Posted by dwarfhunter 4 years ago Report

is this series still on going?


Posted by darklord42 3 years ago Report

I would keep the girls alive as well


Posted by Hereforvore 3 years ago Report

Any plans for the rest of the funded pages to be completed, or have you lost all interest in this?


Posted by thebigbrap 3 years ago Report

haven't lost interest in it. I am working my to it. got to finish some things first.


Posted by Hereforvore 3 years ago Report

Fair enough, just thought I'd check. Good to know you still plan to do it.


Posted by Safe02123 3 years ago Report



Posted by Awsome57 2 years ago Report

Please continue this ;-;


Posted by Xb46 2 years ago Report

Not to be harsh but I want to see all of this story together but I can’t cayse the story is not in one file it’s spread across all of your other work. So my question is will you ever organize your commissions by story


Posted by thebigbrap 2 years ago Report

this is a good point, and I'll need to organize my stuff that has more than one page into their own folders. but due to the recent rules change, I'll have to use a different way to post that series. or redo the series to remove the loli.


Posted by WeaponizedMechaJesus 2 years ago Report

Could post it to
You could also put it on
Hell, you could try and see if Shadman would take you under his wing, however, that'd be a pipe dream.

Twitter is a no go, they still let NSFW but no loli. Sad how things turn out, you're a good artist. Wish you best of luck finding a way to post your work. If I get any cash, I would shamelessly add to your patreon.

-Sincerely a random pervert.


Posted by ifdre 2 years ago Report

Will you continue this?


Posted by No-One 2 years ago Report

Everything's fine now, you can unhide all the previously hidden loli stuff. Including, and especially, this series. Please. I've really been hoping to see this concluded.


Posted by thebigbrap 2 years ago Report

According to the new site rules. I have to post explicit versions offsite. I dont know of any places I can do so. Until this changes it is on hiatus.


Posted by JustSomePrey 1 year ago Report

From what it looks like, it's now pretty safe to post loli stuff.


Posted by MontyMiyagi2513 2 years ago Report

Is this comic dead or still kicking


Posted by TheDarkTraveler 2 years ago Report

when is this being completed/uploaded


Posted by Robotdocter 1 year ago Report

are the other pages ever going to be reuploaded or unhidden? this looks really good even if its only one page.


Posted by gills 8 months ago Report

I have heard that there is more where can we find it?


Posted by Mostamazingofbaboons 6 months ago Report

Alright, Brap, we all love you, but you seriously need to finish this, especially because there are other pages, albeit uncolored pages, elsewhere on the internet. Not to mention that, judging by some other content that I've seen recently uploaded, Loli is fine to post, so come on man, we're beggin' yah.