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Mt. Lady's Side Gig [Patreon Pin-Up #93] By Starcrossing

Uploaded: 9 months ago

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Mt. Lady finds an alternate way to make a quick buck. Turns out there's lots of crazy people out there who fantasize about this sort of thing. ;)

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Posted by OrcaVoreIsBestVore 9 months ago

I'd pay just to nestle in between her breasts. X3 But I have no money... TT~TT


Posted by Bloodmark 9 months ago

Star doing a my hero academia piece? Madness! Amazing, but madness!


Posted by RavenXeo 9 months ago

I'd pay to be on the building behind her in this position<3


Posted by ian66613 9 months ago

I'd pay her to slowly sit on me or slowly lay those boopers down on me.


Posted by Lucky 9 months ago

Yup, fantastic. <3


Posted by Zephyr42 9 months ago

Mt. Lady? I like the name.


Posted by Blither 9 months ago

Wow, what a bunch of weirdos! Who'd fantasize about that?


Posted by EndercreeperMugen 9 months ago

Can't say I blame all those crazy people~


Posted by extreme0089 9 months ago

Id pay to be in her womb


Posted by Apparitionized 8 months ago



Posted by Liz 9 months ago

I can see her having a lot of customers though I don't know how into swallowing them she is yet... money is always nice though ^^ Lovely work Star :)


Posted by JaredCupcakes 9 months ago

I'd pay to see what happens if she shrinks back down while someone's inside her, double if it works out in my favor.


Posted by DissociatedChaos 9 months ago

Yeeeeah. Kind of the first thing I thought when I saw her fans in her first appearance. XD
Would also be totally guilty of throwing my money at her for that or something similar. <3


Posted by dcvfgb1234 9 months ago

Does she let them out again or does she use them as a meal too?


Posted by CaptainVader 9 months ago

Damn it, I'd totally pay her to this very thing, guess I'm weird lol

8th Demon

Posted by 8th Demon 9 months ago

And at the end of a long day of swallowing vorophiles, she returns home and discovers that they don't shrink with her when she returns to normal size.


Posted by ArtisticFox 9 months ago

I really like your art but damn is it great when you do macro/micro


Posted by whatisthissheet 9 months ago

WEW, would be nice to see more of Mt. Lady "working" on her new job.


Posted by moeyuri7 9 months ago

I'd pay for that :)


Posted by Edward 9 months ago

Shut up and take my money!!!!


Posted by hamilton4 9 months ago

Worth every penny


Posted by Chaoticburning 9 months ago

TAKE MY MONEY!! XD Also I have to say that your drawing style is great!


Posted by kokeman 9 months ago

Wow that sure is a great piece! ^_^
I would love to see a follow up with the guy finally in her stomach ^3^"


Posted by novek 8 months ago

Money well spent!


Posted by Howling3898 8 months ago

You should make more of mt.lady you do,a fantastic job on it.


Posted by Birichino 7 months ago

It's good money when she's cornered the market like that, too. Nice work.


Posted by IWantToBeEatenn 5 months ago

and she don't have to pay for dinner too