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Mt. Lady's Side Gig [Patreon Pin-Up #93] By Starcrossing

Uploaded: 11 months ago

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Mt. Lady finds an alternate way to make a quick buck. Turns out there's lots of crazy people out there who fantasize about this sort of thing. ;)

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Posted by OrcaVoreIsBestVore 11 months ago

I'd pay just to nestle in between her breasts. X3 But I have no money... TT~TT


Posted by Bloodmark 11 months ago

Star doing a my hero academia piece? Madness! Amazing, but madness!


Posted by RavenXeo 11 months ago

I'd pay to be on the building behind her in this position<3


Posted by ian66613 11 months ago

I'd pay her to slowly sit on me or slowly lay those boopers down on me.


Posted by Lucky 11 months ago

Yup, fantastic. <3


Posted by Zephyr42 11 months ago

Mt. Lady? I like the name.


Posted by Blither 11 months ago

Wow, what a bunch of weirdos! Who'd fantasize about that?


Posted by EndercreeperMugen 11 months ago

Can't say I blame all those crazy people~


Posted by extreme0089 11 months ago

Id pay to be in her womb


Posted by Apparitionized 11 months ago



Posted by Liz 11 months ago

I can see her having a lot of customers though I don't know how into swallowing them she is yet... money is always nice though ^^ Lovely work Star :)


Posted by JaredCupcakes 11 months ago

I'd pay to see what happens if she shrinks back down while someone's inside her, double if it works out in my favor.


Posted by DissociatedChaos 11 months ago

Yeeeeah. Kind of the first thing I thought when I saw her fans in her first appearance. XD
Would also be totally guilty of throwing my money at her for that or something similar. <3


Posted by dcvfgb1234 11 months ago

Does she let them out again or does she use them as a meal too?


Posted by CaptainVader 11 months ago

Damn it, I'd totally pay her to this very thing, guess I'm weird lol

8th Demon

Posted by 8th Demon 11 months ago

And at the end of a long day of swallowing vorophiles, she returns home and discovers that they don't shrink with her when she returns to normal size.


Posted by ArtisticFox 11 months ago

I really like your art but damn is it great when you do macro/micro


Posted by whatisthissheet 11 months ago

WEW, would be nice to see more of Mt. Lady "working" on her new job.


Posted by moeyuri7 11 months ago

I'd pay for that :)


Posted by Edward 11 months ago

Shut up and take my money!!!!


Posted by hamilton4 11 months ago

Worth every penny


Posted by Chaoticburning 11 months ago

TAKE MY MONEY!! XD Also I have to say that your drawing style is great!


Posted by kokeman 11 months ago

Wow that sure is a great piece! ^_^
I would love to see a follow up with the guy finally in her stomach ^3^"


Posted by novek 11 months ago

Money well spent!


Posted by Howling3898 11 months ago

You should make more of mt.lady you do,a fantastic job on it.


Posted by Birichino 10 months ago

It's good money when she's cornered the market like that, too. Nice work.


Posted by IWantToBeEatenn 8 months ago

and she don't have to pay for dinner too