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Generational Gap By Lampton -- Report

It's not that she's too old to wear those clothes, they just weren't designed for two people.

The first part had a non-fatal vibe going on, but I couldn't resist drawing a digestive aftermath. Happy new year!

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Posted by MobiusTheIce 3 years ago Report

Happy new year to you, walrus man! And this pic is a terrific good job, you're GREAT! :D

The K

Posted by The K 3 years ago Report

Happy new year Lampton. I can't wait to see all the goodies you bring in 2018 like this.


Posted by KillerPerro 3 years ago Report

She looks real cute in those clothes.


Posted by ZRex030 3 years ago Report

Holy shit man you just never stop being awesome do you


Posted by whatisthissheet 3 years ago Report

mom/daughter digestion? You know you had to do it.


Posted by noisekeeper 3 years ago Report

Seeing a pic of a Poke Mom trying to squeeze into her own daughter's clothes after having digested her is a great way to start 2018 in my opinion.

I'll definitely be looking forward to what you have in store for next year, as you keep getting better and better Lampton!


Posted by ATailDesired 3 years ago Report

*gets behind her and helps her to put the clothing on*


Posted by Liz 3 years ago Report

You couldn't resist - I know how that feels XD
Awesome work Lampton :)


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 3 years ago Report

Ah well, digestion is always best I say.


Posted by SerenaBlaze 3 years ago Report

Woah Great <3 Happy new year Lampton !


Posted by MagatsuBelly 3 years ago Report

Ah, The Troubles of the weight gained!


Posted by tinytina72 3 years ago Report

Any reason why you chose this mom?

spectral knight

Posted by spectral knight 3 years ago Report

Dayyyum :D


Posted by RavenXeo 3 years ago Report

alot of fatjiggles<3


Posted by Hazeyoyo123 3 years ago Report

What a nice new years upload.


Posted by torontofan 3 years ago Report

Well I for one am extremely happy you couldn't resist


Posted by Furanz 3 years ago Report

Oh my god, what a way to start the year!
Brilliant piece! Hope you have a good year, man!!


Posted by BlueMarvel611 3 years ago Report

Hey, Lampton! Happy New Year! And also great start to a new year with one of your works...especially one involving my favorite PKMN girl, Hilda. Well, to be exact, her mom. Well, all I can comment on this one is that now I know where Hilda got her lovely hips and butt from. XD. That said though onto the review.

I got to tell you that appearance wise, Hilda's mom does look great after digesting her huge meal. You really captured the way of how thick and big she became after finishing up Hilda. Though I find it rather cute and alluring that she would try her daughter's clothing, though a bit futile in terms of the shorts. XD

Now onto the nitty gritty of the picture. I've got to say this really is a good sight of the coming new year. Mostly I saw how animated her entire body and form is. Not just that but her pretty brown hair as it looks so beautiful as well as life like too. The sheen and color used for the hair makes it so natural. You did a very good job with her face too as it made her much more lovely in a MILF way. It helps that the nose shows very good improvement too as I noticed. Good work on that.

As for the rest of the picture it's really done well from the skin tone and color to the texture as well. Not to mention that you did really well with capturing Hilda's mom's body figure after digestion. Her belly as well as the way it was shown really shows off how it's like being pudgy. The sweat all over the skin also helps with the effect of her effort as well.

All in all you did a really good job for this upcoming New Year, Lampton. I'm am looking forward to seeing how your other works would turn out when they come up. Take your time and hoped to see them too. Laters...and have a Happy New Year!

Elias Azule
The Blue Marvel


Posted by Blarginated 3 years ago Report

Hilda's Mom used Fat Ass! It's Super Effective! Short-shorts fainted.


Posted by Kelly 3 years ago Report

Hehe :3 Great work and happy new year


Posted by JustSomePrey 3 years ago Report

I don't know, it could still be non-fatal, perhaps she just ate enough food to hide Hilda in there, plus she has to eat for both her and a teenager after all.


Posted by Robo603 3 years ago Report

Happy new years. Also another great work of art


Posted by hamilton4 3 years ago Report

Lovely sequence and dat ass is oh so good <3


Posted by luckyp3616 3 years ago Report

Hilda should enjoy being belly fat~


Posted by Bellyl0ver 3 years ago Report

Can you please draw Drasna next?


Posted by MysteriousPlan 3 years ago Report

IT'S. FUCKING. PERFECT! I'm seriously having a nosebleed moment, fantastic work!


Posted by Fairylover222 3 years ago Report

Her Mother was never named


Posted by TrainerKatrine 3 years ago Report

For some reason I thought that this was hilda for god knows how long


Posted by poket 3 years ago Report

now only missing where the mother comes out dressed in hilda, and meeting with other friends posing as her


Posted by poket 3 years ago Report

It would be cool a scene where the mother has already completely dissolved hilda and goes on adventures with the rest of the group without knowing that she is the mother instead of hilda.It would be cool a scene where the mother has already completely dissolved hilda and goes on adventures with the rest of the group without knowing that she is the mother instead of hilda.


Posted by MysteriousPlan 2 years ago Report

Or maybe the other Mothers or Sisters meeting her, all having already completely dissolved their children or siblings, ready to go on an adventure with her.


Posted by MysteriousPlan 2 years ago Report

Perhaps if her Hilda's Mother is crafty enough with her hands and a sewing machine, she could either cut out and stitch in a jeggings material thong in the middle (with zipper and button intact?) or maybe cut them further more into a ass-cheeks eaten pair of Daisy Dukes before squeezing her butt in to the harness thong jean shorts? (Though the latter would most likely tear on her next meal, while the former would at the very least leave room for more and could even be upgraded if she ate Misty next taking her suspenders!) Sorry for rambling, it's just she seems like the kind of character design and plot you could add a whole multi-part story (series?) onto!