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Heavy Training & Clogged Toilets By Rac0r -- Report

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Just something to show that I'm not fully dead yet. I know my upload rate has been dropped dramatically and I don't dare to promise that I'll get back to uploading more frequently anytime soon, but just know I'm still crawling around ^-^

Oh.. And some Samus stuff here, cause why not eh?

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Posted by Hivelord 1 year ago Report

Glad to see you are still among us.Your art is beautiful as ever and your choice in characters is in very good taste.
Don't worry too much about your upload frequency, if you are experiencing real life issues its better you prioritize solving them over uploading more stuff.


Posted by Rac0r 1 year ago Report

Thank you!
I know and I am working on dealing with real life struggles. Uploading stuff here just gives me a very good distraction and always gets me in good mood :)


Posted by Redonionring 1 year ago Report

Are you taking requests?


Posted by Rac0r 1 year ago Report

No I'm not sorry. Got too much stuff going on right now that I don't really have time for requests :/


Posted by Redonionring 1 year ago Report

Thats g


Posted by Angel 1 year ago Report

A girl has got to eat, yes? <3


Posted by Rac0r 1 year ago Report

Indeed. No one shouldn't starve to death :D


Posted by hamletvalley 1 year ago Report

Still amazing to remember how much you've gotten better over the years :3

Great job on this one!


Posted by martyr 1 year ago Report

I guess the cadets passed after all, just not the way they hoped... X3


Posted by Rac0r 1 year ago Report

Yet they couldn't get pass the flush test, they sure don't make cadets like they used to x)


Posted by AlexJensen 1 year ago Report



Posted by DanzoLegend 1 year ago Report

i'm mainly glad just to hear your around still.


Posted by Kelly 1 year ago Report

Lovely to see you back your art is still one of my favs on this site :3


Posted by wiseguy288 1 year ago Report

Love it. Janitor best be careful, or she may be the next clog XD


Posted by Robaticon 1 year ago Report

Her name is Kasumi,these ecusons are not for decoration!


Posted by wiseguy288 1 year ago Report

My bad X3


Posted by linthia 1 year ago Report

You've this class only one time though, then it's just being part of Samus, the best bounty hunter ;p


Posted by Robaticon 1 year ago Report

Kasumi has a hard job,You should ask for a raise.


Posted by Rac0r 1 year ago Report

She's gotta shit job, but someones gotta do it. Kasumi is the real hero here x)


Posted by NewRebellion 1 year ago Report

Heheheheh, why can't we get more pics like this about Samus!?!

Great work! I love it!


Posted by Bright 1 year ago Report

That suit has some lovely stretching.


Posted by RavenXeo 1 year ago Report

<3 i love Samus and i love super gluttons and i love disposal<3


Posted by ZRex030 1 year ago Report

Your faces are really great, it's so good to see some more art from you! Your Samus art is always a treat.

Best of luck with your struggles out there in the real world.


Posted by ironman362 1 year ago Report

I love the way she's holding her cheeks in the last panel :)


Posted by hamilton4 1 year ago Report

Samus <3
Great work here~


Posted by JohnnyF102 1 year ago Report

finally a new one tbis is fantastic


Posted by WankersCramp 1 year ago Report

I may have to take that training course.


Posted by Suneater 1 year ago Report

Hehehehehe Hell yeah! It's great to see more from you my friend! <3


Posted by Luxio512 1 year ago Report

Pred Samus best Samus.


Posted by Ryahsson 1 year ago Report

On that second panel, there is a bump in her belly...someone is still alive??? damn!


Posted by Rac0r 1 year ago Report

Bones are tough to digest, keep pushing against the insides of her belly x)


Posted by keyblademark 1 year ago Report

Another masterpiece Racor ^^


Posted by Reiko 1 year ago Report

Mmmph who doesn't like a little potty humor~ <3 Goodness, I could only imagine what awaits that poor Janitor~


Posted by LimelleBoi 5 months ago Report

When this is implied, is fine and good for me.
btw cool style.