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Fattening Victory By Rac0r -- Report

Sorry for the long hiatus, I've been struggling with a lack of motivation for a while now and I won't be making any promises that I'll be more active going forward either.

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Posted by derpyspacewhale 5 months ago Report

Looking great dude! Always nice to see something from you.


Posted by JackNoName 5 months ago Report

Great piece! And don't apologize, you take your time. You don't owe it to us to be active at all, so I'm just happy with whatever it is you want to draw for us!


Posted by Badfurson 5 months ago Report

'Eh, just glad to see more from you! Guess she didn't read the competition waver close enough.


Posted by Geckoman33 5 months ago Report

nice work


Posted by HipHugger 5 months ago Report

So happy to see new work <3


Posted by xXxBadxApplexXx 5 months ago Report

Ngl I love the ghost prey's little belly


Posted by Azuris 5 months ago Report

Still good to see you pop in every now and then since you do some good work


Posted by redsquallff8 5 months ago Report

I'd show her some love. I don't mind her getting a little chubby


Posted by hetcomc 5 months ago Report

Hey, I hope you’re okay. I understand completely about the lack of motivation, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Your well being is what’s most important. Take care and stay well.


Posted by Natolin 5 months ago Report

Rac0r strikes again with a near perfect piece! :D
And don’t worry about inactivity. A lot of really good artists have been quitting and I really don’t want you to burn yourself out and leave as well.
Take your time! <3 <3


Posted by bakr4 5 months ago Report

Lovely covers for the winner


Posted by welp 5 months ago Report

Happy to see your back, if only for a moment!


Posted by JohnnyF102 5 months ago Report

Beautiful as always my dude


Posted by F1reDem0n 5 months ago Report

Your content is always a treat to see Rac0r. :D

Love how well you draw Plump women and WG content.


Posted by ChrisW 5 months ago Report

It's great to see ya.


Posted by SerenaBlaze 5 months ago Report

Take your time to not burn out its fine. :)


Posted by Despacito20 5 months ago Report

Holy fuck how come Nessa pics are always so good


Posted by Callen 5 months ago Report

Glad to see ya back, love your artwork man


Posted by Sparkachu 5 months ago Report

Amazing as always! Happy to see you back on!


Posted by Entity 5 months ago Report

Great Stuff, glad to see you back even if it's only every now and then ;)


Posted by soline 5 months ago Report

Fantastic upload as always!

I totally empathize with the lack of motivation, and wish I had some supportive words or advice for you. The only way I've ever really found other than just 'waiting' is to force yourself to draw for ten or fifteen minutes every day, even if it's crap, even if it's just sketching a google-images picture you then bin, anything at all can be enough to give yourself a little motivation every now and then.

Either way, I hope life treats you well and I'll look forward to when we see you next!


Posted by JamKat 4 months ago Report

Noice -3-