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Wednesday's experiment (PAGE 5) By BIGBIG -- Report

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OY-YOY-YOOOOY wat now wednesday??!! U FUUD!!!

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Comment on Wednesday's experiment (PAGE 5)

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Posted by Assimilation 3 months ago Report

Her left hand is in the perfect position to grab Wednesday... anticipation abounds. Great job as always, BLGBLG


Posted by AfraArt 3 months ago Report

What a cliffhanger, wonder what'll happen next...
Great Work BigBig!~


Posted by ifdre 3 months ago Report

Oh, I want to see what will happen next!


Posted by megafish36 3 months ago Report

Looks like Wednesday is gonna have her work cut out!


Posted by JohnnyF102 3 months ago Report

Oof beautiful cant wait for continuation it only keeps on getting better and better????????


Posted by thicceater 3 months ago Report

Oooo yes~


Posted by Sasha1909 3 months ago Report

Will we see inside morticia’s tummy as she digests her dessert? UwU


Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 3 months ago Report

Zuzana got gurgled pretty quickly


Posted by BellyLamp 3 months ago Report

Yes! Yes! YES!


Posted by stressformurder 3 months ago Report

Love this! Only thing that could have made this just a TAD better is the inclusion of Zuzanas fading screams :)


Posted by gva274 3 months ago Report

Welp, bye Zuzanna


Posted by ookami02 3 months ago Report

Ooo well Wednesday guess youll have to go as well ;)

The K

Posted by The K 3 months ago Report

Go get her Wednesday! It'll be quite the meal to work for!


Posted by GenesisTerra 3 months ago Report

Well, considering what happened last time someone in a BigBig comic tried conspiring against their mother...

Love love LOVE this comic so far! It just gets better and better with each page! Nice to see Zuzana gurgle so quick; she makes such a lovely jiggle on that pale body~


Posted by HeliChwan 3 months ago Report



Posted by dokudoku 3 months ago Report

Hey, wait a minute! Why was the comic about Wednesday submitted on a Thursday?! >:U


Posted by Aloneus 3 months ago Report

Lol this was awesome! Great work, as always.

Though I don't think Zuzana is digested, despite the Digestion tag, i think maybe she drank the potion as it went down Morticia's throat and instead of being digested Zuzana was instead shrunken. Once Morticia eats Wednesday we'll have a final showdown in Morticia's belly!

Mini-Zuzana vs Wednesday Addams! Ready....FIGHT!


Posted by asthmaticXninja 3 months ago Report

Hope you're right, Aloneus


Posted by F1reDem0n 3 months ago Report

Holy shit I love her WG. It all went to some perfect places. I also love how her prey has her belly and pussy pressing up against her bellies surface.

Super hot work Bigbig.


Posted by Phillipi 3 months ago Report

the brother go be swallowed?
the morticia go be shrink?
wednesday change idea and want turn a dessert?


Posted by Firebird22 3 months ago Report

Not looking food for Wednesday.

I’m still holding out hope that she will eat her mother.


Posted by Phillipi 3 months ago Report

make the Wednesday put the mother eat other and shrink, make wednesday eat the brother and win breast, be eaten for the mother and the mother be eaten for plant carnivore


Posted by sandramudd 3 months ago Report

This is the most excited i've been for a next page in forever


Posted by SuperheroFood 3 months ago Report

Great work, loved it.


Posted by Animepoke12 3 months ago Report

Whens the next part i cant wait


Posted by BIGBIG 3 months ago Report

its in the makes


Posted by CandyGulp 3 months ago Report

bye bye Wednesday


Posted by Ultimax300 3 months ago Report

I know this may seem like an out of no where question but Zuzana never lost her re-spawn ability did she?


Posted by BIGBIG 3 months ago Report

I'd like to think that there are two different worlds going on. In one (the original) a more fantasy based world Zuzana has the re-spawn ability. In the other (PTG) science fiction world, she does not have that ability, Though shes cloned with all her memories every time "this" happens.