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LoveCraken [Collaboration] By marloweny -- Report

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A collaboration with Toonvasion on FA ( ) to create a lovecraftian kraken who is just looking for a date. And maybe a snack.

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Posted by Seeguy 7 months ago Report

That link to FA is not working for me.


Posted by marloweny 7 months ago Report

Should be fixed.


Posted by ninth 7 months ago Report

There's a bracket (')') at the end of the URL, delete it and it works.


Posted by thebigcat 7 months ago Report

Incredible story! Definitely an interesting concept, especially the 4th dimensional interaction parts. I think this is one of your best works!


Posted by MathiasGrim 7 months ago Report

Very well written and interesting, would love to see a potential follow up if you where to do one.


Posted by Groblek 7 months ago Report

That’s a really fun addition to the Fantasy Date universe! I liked the “retroactively showing up in his memories” bit, it was a nice touch to drive home the “you’re dating a being of cosmic horror” theme.


Posted by ninth 7 months ago Report

Ah they're both so modest! Very cute and great concept.

That last illustration is funny too. Nicely done


Posted by LemonBarb 7 months ago Report

I'm guessing by the end of things. Jack's likely inside an eldritch Kraken for life/eternity. But if it's any consolidation, not digested? And probably kept in sync/'biological immortality' to a 4th dimentional amount of time...

And probably, in before he wakes up in a 'dreamland', and right nearby a Kraken girlfriend... While either unaware, or likely resigned/content? Over still being inside the belly of the beast?


Posted by Amberain 7 months ago Report

This is great. Provided that she's willing to let him out, and go back to being a bit less "real" again, I would love to see more of the complexities of their relationship. I'd assume that between having near infinite patience and respecting him as a person, she'd be willing to let go of him for a while. Seems like it's within her capabilities to just kind of hang out on the fringes of his space, waiting to be invited back in again. The time bleed effect that she produces seems both horrifying and wonderful, and it's pretty unique. If this turns out to be a one shot, I'll accept that, but personally I hope you and Toonvasion have a few more idea for this couple.


Posted by marloweny 7 months ago Report

We've discussed other ideas for this pair. Some potential drama, some fun vore stuff. Gotta clear off some other stuff before I revisit, though.


Posted by Grimsage 7 months ago Report

Huh. At once wholesome and eldritch. I like this, and would be awesome if you continued this :D


Posted by threk 7 months ago Report

Amusing and sweet in all the right places. Y'know I imagine it's pretty difficult to write a properly eldritch creature from beyond the stars, but this was a fascinating read.